Sunday, November 4, 2007

We're here in Maryland!

Boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh. We have arrived. We are in a place we can park the camper and not move it for like weeks at a whack. Even as I write that, there is a surge of joy, of squiggliness, that is spreading to and alighting each of my cells. We're glad we had the chance to travel across the country for 6 weeks with J's Mom (and her cousin for 1/2 the time), but um, yeah, we would have some morsels of wisdom for anybody else with plans to attempt that particular feat.

So now we're in Maryland, parked at the 1936-built home of J's sister and her husband (and two kids and one dog). It's in about as rural of a place as you can get around here, and there's a clothesline running right past the camper! We have little country roads to run on, and Beth can lay on the grass by the trickling stream all day long, with only their male (read non-fixed) dog, Hunter, to ward off. We have found a coffee shop with internet access in town and a couple of delightful markets. Pretty much, we're in hog-heaven.

It's a matter now of organizing ourselves to see all we want to see, and of figuring out what our next step in life will be come January. One current possibility is to become backup singers for Allison Kraus. Ha ha ha ha ha. No, serious. Wouldn't that be fun? She wouldn't have to pay us much - just enough to keep us alive, and that's negotiable. Anyway. Other ideas, anyone?


Anonymous said...

I can't believe there are more people who are interested in peeing outside than who are interested in good dark chocolate. Don't you people worry about what might bite you when you're peeing? Especially in the dark. Especially if you're female. Especially if you're in the woods at the time.

Anonymous said...

That last comment has nothing to do with your Maryland post, but with your complete profile. But there wasn't a place to comment on a profile so the Maryland post got it. (And maybe you ARE peeing outside in Maryland!)

lori lls said...

Oh, I see what you mean - - when you click on those aspects of my profile, you see other blogs with similar interests. It took me awhile to figure that one out.

Um, no, I don't worry too much. Peeing outside is very breezy and refreshing. I am, however, scared of what could pop out of the camode. Aren't you?