Thursday, March 20, 2008

ironic conversations

Gabby, a 3 year old at school, upon waking from her nap: I was dreaming about my mommy catching a sea lion! [Thing is, she and her mom actually do go sea lion hunting. Only in Alaska, man.]

homeless lady whom Beth and I met on a walk: Ohh heeey! Can I pet yer dog?
me: Sure. Beth, sit.
lady: Hi, dog! [She bent down and got nose to nose with Beth. Using both hands, she slowly stretched Beth's lips very far back toward her ears]
male companion [standing at trail's edge swigging liquor from a 40-ounce bottle]: That's a nice dog there.
lady: I always wanted a rot weiler. I always, always wanted one. But I never got one. You know why?
me: why?
lady: Because I'm scared of 'em.

Jason: Well, nevermind about that job in Glacier. It's for young, vagabond hippies anyway. I'm transitioning out of that.
Kevin and Jess: Oh, so that's why you're hiking the PCT?


Christi said...

Those are hilarious.

It would make me happy to hear more of these someday.

Rutschow said...

I'm dying! Ha!