Friday, August 8, 2008


I have been anticipating this date. It only happens twelve times in a hundred years. You've got 01-01-01, then 02-02-02, and so on up through 12-12-12. And since there is no thirteenth month, that's the end of it. Right? Unless I'm missing something here. Without planning it this way, Jason and I got our drivers' licenses switched over from Alaska to Montana today. So our new licenses say the rad date: 08-08-08.

Some times cool yet meaningless things happen, and you just have to say, "How cool. Yet meaningless."


Mars said...

You are so ME. First of all, 8 is the perfectest number there ever was. Second, I LOVE nerdy stuff like that, so yes, yesterday was the most perfect day. EVER.

Christi said...

My friend had her baby on 08-08-08! Now isn't that rad?