Friday, September 19, 2008

she's got rhythm

A couple weeks ago, I started feeling a very rhythmic, light pounding in my belly. At first I thought it was the baby's heartbeat at an exceedingly slow rate, somehow feel-able by me for the first time, and I was very worried. Very worried. Jason could feel it too, from the outside. But it kept going, and I figured a decreasing heart rate would do just that - - keep decreasing. And the baby's movement otherwise wasn't changing. The beat was right down near the head and arms, so I eventually concluded that this child has rhythm like nobody's business. I made a mental note to enrole her in drum lessons just as soon as she's sitting up, so around 6 or 7 months.

Yes, in this post I am referring to the baby as a she. That is what I have suspected the strongest over the last few months, but Jason thinks it is a boy, and like a magnet to a compass, his guesswork is messing up my intuition, so now I keep switching back and forth. Actually, in my first trimester I too suspected a boy, but it was a different feeling. When the baby does emerge, I will be able to compare the two sensations I had and determine which was truly intuition. Then I'll have intuition totally classified and figured out.


Then I got my weekly email update from or wherever, and they said I should start feeling hiccups about now. Ohhhhhhhh!

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Autumn and Dan's family said...

Rhett had hiccups in the womb every day...multiple times a day. I was in a movie theater when I figured out what I was feeling for the first time and I think everyone around me knew what I was feeling.