Wednesday, October 15, 2008

baby's first furniture pieces

Here's a dresser, specially painted to lure in tiny clothings and sockies. The photo may not show it too well, but it's a funky light green with white swirls and the occasional redish swirl that turned out pink. Let that be a lesson to you about mixing white and red paint. If we get a boy, there's a chance those pink swirls will be replaced.

The best part is that this dresser came from Brother Dave's bedroom closet, just upstairs, where he had innocently left it before heading to college. Only days ago, it was a dark red color. Thanks, Wavey! You are already so generous with your forthcoming niece or nephew.

Also, my mother, without trying, somehow collects chairs that rock (she owns no less than five at the moment), so she was able to spare one for the baby's spot in our room.

P.S. David, Mom let me have this dresser from your closet while you were away at college.


tamie said...

I had a dresser painted a similar color when I was a wee lass!

Christi said...

Love that dresser! Caden's dresser is actually a mom and dad got it for my oldest brother when he was a baby 36 years ago. It isn't the smoothest in town, but that screaching sound it makes every time you pull out a drawer is a little sound bite from my childhood and I love it.