Wednesday, October 22, 2008

give us this day our daily 17 vitamins

Right, so I am not big vitamin fan. Philosophically, I believe that everything I need should be coming in via food, water, and sunshine. Or, in the words of the band Rusted Root, "all I need is food and creative love." I know that in practical terms, our mass-produced food nowadays is crap, making supplements sometimes helpful. But still! Taking prenatals was a huge step for me. When I finally ran out of those a couple of weeks ago, I got a new brand and subsequently discovered that the daily dose of this kind is five pills! Jiiiimminies. Don't we have like atomic particle reduction technology or something? Can't you fit all the nutrients into one pill?

Because of slightly high blood pressure, I've been taking vitamin C (as well as walking and eating well). Vitamin Cs are chewable and thus almost like food. But then last week, my midwife instructed me to also begin with a hawthorne berry supplement to keep the blood pressure in check. The daily dose of that is NINE PILLS. Grand total = 17. This isn't counting the liquid calcium/magnesium supplement I add to yogurt or a smoothie or what-have-you each day. Then there's the raspberry leaf tea to keep ye olde uterus softened. And to top things off, next week I'll be at 35 out of 40 weeks along, so I'm to start in on evening primrose oil pills, which will ease my body toward labor.

Taking vitamins is my fulltime job, and my payment will be a bundle of joy. Speaking of which, it's only six weeks until my due date!


melissa said...

Woohoo! The countdown is ON! I was taking 18 vitamins a day; some of which couldn't be taken together, and some of which had to be eaten with food...all very complicated, if you ask me!
I think my theory is that our bodies are made to maximize vitamin acquisition in equatorial climates. Lots of sun, lots of bright orange/yellow/red fruits and veggies, lots of fresh stuff all year round. Those of us who live further North or South have to make up for this migration by either paying super attention to food/sun exposure/etc, or, in some cases, supplementing. Pregnancy is depleting on the body, so supplementation is often necessary esp. for ladies who have lots of babies, or for those who live far from the border. Or who show symptoms of needing one or another supplement.
My husband used to joke that every time I went to the midwife I would come back with a new, expensive pill, and that this was how they stay in business; pushing pills in their pharmacy. Ha. Ha. I often asked him if he cared about his wife and baby's health or not? But he stuck to his teasing no matter what I said.
I'm so excited to see pics of your sbaby!

melissa said...

...not 'those who live far from the border' but 'those who live far from the equator.'
Pardon my sillines.

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trina said...

Wow, I'm so excited for you and my baby brother!!1 Reading this blog reminds me so much of when I was pregnant with Katie, so much excitement and preparing . I love you both so much and wish I could be there to welcome my new niece or nephew into the world. Please give him or her a kiss from me.

- Keep me posted. -Trina