Saturday, October 11, 2008

spregnancy at 32 weeks (out of 40)

I reckon it's about time to give an update on the spregnancy. The short of it is this: movement in and out of and around bed is comedic, tying shoes is darn near impossible, and I get winded climbing one flight of stairs. Shoot, I get winded getting out of the car. Who am I kidding? Also, all muscle tone has left the building. The whole body over - legs, arms, toes, eyelids -zero muscle tone exists anymore. And I still have two months! I just might turn to mush.

It was only a few weeks ago that I was at the chiropractor explaining to him a pain in my lower back. As happens, I couldn't get the pain to appear when I was actually in his office. I bent this way and that, twisted my legs around, stretched into awkward positions to reproduce the pain. I guess I was a little too animated, because he said, "Um, first off, stop with all the acrobatics." I'd like somebody to walk by now and tell me to stop with all the acrobatics. Instead, they'd probably say, "Hey, are you alive over there? Maybe you should move around a little more."

In the first trimester, when I felt tired, I simply laid down. I was my same old self, same shape, just tired. Now I'm tired but can't get comfortable and don't feel as refreshed by rest. Know what I mean? In fact, sleep has continued to be my chief complaint throughout it all. I'm also getting way less motivated mentally about the tasks on my "Crud To Do Before the Baby Comes" list. Now then, don't get me wrong; I have had a beautiful and fulfilling spregnancy, probably even considered easy, but at this point I am simply ready to have and meet the baby. Jason and I were talking about how funny birth is, like, "We're lonely. Let's create another companion." And then zippo-presto - a human being! Except, the zippo-presto part is taking forever.

My mom thinks I should go with what I feel each day and not worry about tasks until a moment of motivation. I tend to agree, because tasks go so slowly when you aren't feelin' it. But what if the motivation never comes, and Jason and I find ourselves sitting around with a diaper-less, name-less, dirty baby, all of us starving because I didn't stock enough backup meals in the freezer? It could happen. (I'd love to hear from any of you recent moms and what you did to consider yourselves "ready.")

But all of that is just me!

The baby, according to the midwives, is right on track for growth and is head down. The heartbeat is good and strong, and (s)he started hiccuping on schedule. Interestingly, in regard to movement, (s)he does sort of a one day on, one day off thing. (S)he'll be rolling around like a dog in horse doo all day, then very very quiet the next. A very noticable pattern is that if I am quite busy for a stretch of days, especially around other people, the baby lays low. Around the time of Rachel's wedding, it hardly made a motion for the main four days of preparation. It really worried me. But the day after the wedding, when all obligations were met and we were just chillin' with the wedding party, the baby sprung back into action.

So there! 32 weeks and counting down.


tamie said...

I gave you an award over on my blog! Come check it out!!

melissa said...

Good post! I SOOO know what you're talking about. Don't worry, it will soon be only a memory that you cherish and laugh at! I used to say that I got short of breath from the exertion of breathing! Lol!
Your mom is right. Take it easy. Listen to your body and your heart--when you're up to preparing, you'll know! And your next spregnancy you'll be busy with the product of this spregnancy so it won't seem so interminable and uncomfortable (well, you'll be just as uncomfortable, but you won't have as much time to notice it!)!
As for the sleep...I have this theory that those last few months of sleep disturbances are prepping you for the months of sleep disturbance to follow the birth of your baby!? But if you are experiencing insomnia as opposed to the restlessness of being uncomfortable, calcium supplements can help.
As for preparation-- So what if you were sitting around with a diaperless, nameless, dirty baby? You'll figure it out. Someone will buy/make you diapers. Some cultures don't name babies for months. Cleanliness is overrated. In fact, frequent baths can really dry out babies' skin! All you really need is some ingenuity and lots of love. I'm pretty certain you've got those covered!
Some stuff I did to prepare for Riley's entrance was:
Sort Matthew and Ayden's old clothes and purchase new ones in appropriate sizes for the appropriate season, for up to size 6 months (my kids, as you can see from my blog, explode in size shortly after exiting the womb, so I really do need to have clothes on hand that fit up to size 6 months).
Then, on a different day, when I felt inspired, I washed them all.
Then, on a different day, I folded them and put them in a dresser set aside for Riley.
I also organized diapering. This took several days also. I'd advise that even if you go with cloth diapers, to buy a package of newborn sized disposables for the first few days while you settle in, and then slowly switch to cloth when you feel more up to it. You'll need something to wipe baby's bum, too. Cloths or wipes.
I also set up a diapering 'station' in my bedroom, but it's not super necessary. I just know I like it that way.
(I also have a mini, sattelite change station--a small basket with two extra diapers, wipes, and a small blanket which I cart around the house with me for those times I don't want to go upstairs to change him. Soothers wind up in the basket, too. And socks. Lanolin for my nipples. Etc.)
So. Clothes. Diapers. What else? Oh, food! Hm. I'm not a huge fan of cooking, so though I meant to cook and freeze, the motivation never hit me, you know? So, I relied on other people. My mom cooked some meals, my friends brought me stuff for my freezer, and I never said no to an offer to help. I said, "Sure! Cook us a meal!"
Plus my husband is a good cook. When he's home, I ask him to do it.
A good shopping trip the week before baby is due is a good idea, to stock up on staples. Get fast stuff that you wouldn't normally eat, you know? Campbell's soup, ichiban, cheese sticks so you don't have to slice them, etc...sometimes they're all I had to grab in the first weeks. This task can also be delegated, to anyone you would trust with it!
The only thing absolutely necessary to research, have, and know all about is a carseat. I'm anal retentively vigilant in this regard, but I think it's because of my job.
Anyways! For the most part, don't worry too much. Do what you feel motivated to do, and leave the rest. Naked dirty nameless babies are not the end of the world!

lori lls said...

Tamie - - you! As I responded on your blog, this is a huge surprise and made my day.

Melissa - - thank you SO MUCH for taking time to post the advice. I have this insatiable craving for words from mothers' mouths about their experiences. Even if people say opposing things about different issues, I'm not bothered. I just love to hear it all.

Christi said...

You never truly know what will was at 33 weeks with Milo that I went into labor and had to go to the hospital to get it stopped. I was there for 2 days just waiting for the medicine to stop the contractions and all I could do was sit and think about everything that wasn't ready. My doctor looked me in the eye and said, "Christi, this baby will not ever know about about all those unfinished details. We just need to focus on getting him out here healthy and breathing." That really freaked me out and made me realize exactly why I was stressing about all those little things - to take my mind off the thing I couldn't control at all - the miracle of a baby once nestled safe inside of me that would soon be living on its own outside of me. That's my personality and how I coped with something so out of my hands. (Even now if a huge stressor comes into my life I start frantically cleaning and sorting). So my point is to find the way you cope and go with it. And know that if other moms seem to do things weird or are flipping out over strange things or are extremely noncaring about other things - well, it's probably their way to cope with the toughest job ever.

Elaine said...

How exciting for you guys. I totally know how uncomfortable the last few weeks are! This sounds so trite, but it really is so worth it!
It has been fun catching up with you through your blog. I think you live the most exciting life!:)

Mars said...

Oooooh, brought back so many memories. :) Fun times - but...uh...don't you be complaining about sleep just yet...

Christi said...

One more thing...

During my last few weeks of my pregnancy with Max this snotty little seasoned mom saw how much I was struggling and said, "This is the easiest part." That is so untrue!! It's way tougher to be sleep deprived and uncomfortable when you can't see their sweet faces. I haven't slept through the night in over four years now, but that's nothing compared to weeks 30-40 in pregnancy, for me anyway.

lori lls said...

Elaine - - ha! This is quite possibly the most nonexciting time in our lives as far as adventure goes, but I appreciate the compliment. :) I have a feeling it is about to become one of the most rewarding times though.

Mars - - that's what I hear about sleep; long stretches of it are a fleeting memory. I hope that by expecting to sleep in little spurts, I'll handle it better. (??)

Christi - - I so appreciate your insights. That sounds scary with Milo. Distraction during stress is something I tend toward too, so I guess the question becomes this: is this distraction beneficial to me right now, or am I avoiding something I need to face? Very good stuff.