Friday, November 21, 2008

end o' the week pics and sprego update

Here's my brother on his 27th birthday,
hoarding his presents in these tough economic times.
I love you, Luke!!

What's yummier than yummy?
A man using power tools in long johns, wool socks,
and a Samoan lava-lava.

Peanut, skinny even by Chihuahua standards,
adores any heat source.

Happy, happy news in our little world! With all this bed resting, my blood pressure has stabilized quite significantly. Marcy let me go to the film festival Wednesday night, which was a fabulous event. We enjoyed every film they showed; it was a good year for variety of style and subject matter. PLUS, and perhaps most significantly, we met up with actual FRIENDS at the festival. They are other human beings besides ourselves who live around here and with whom we can do social things, a major missing ingredient in our new lives down here in the States.

Jason has been taking my blood pressure each day, which has been consistently 20 points lower than what it was last week. Today we phoned in to Marcy the results of that and my blood glucose and protein levels. She was happy and said, "You know what this means, don't you? Your body is responding well to bed rest, so you need to keep it up." [insert visual of me blubbering my lips with my finger like a person going crazy] "However," she continued, "You can now feel free to get up and move about for a couple hours each day. Think hard about how you want to spend that time. You can even go for a walk." WELL, say no more, Marcy the Midwife! Very soon, Jason and the dogs joined me for a meadow walk in the gloriously brisk, 1/2 sunny, 1/2 storm cloudy day.


Anonymous said...

Lori! can you get any bigger? i remember in august you were saying you were a little dissapointed that you were not huge yet. i bet you can't say that now.... ha ha!
I am so excited for you guys. the crib is beautiful! that is great about your blood pressure! i made a wool little baby hat, but it turned out to be about the size of an orange, so i think i need to try again. That might fit for about a day and a half. ok, well, i love you guys:) give jason a hug for me. love, Autumn

melissa said...

do you want another birth story to read? I wrote mine out in my journal (more detail than what I wrote on my blog) but I could type it up for you?
If you are filled up on birth stories I won't be offended.
Hang in there, you're almost done!
Glad your Bp has gone down. Don't overdo it!!

lori lls said...

Thanks Autumn! We are excited too. Boy oh boy oh boy. Ohh, the hat sounds adorable! You should definitely save it for somebody's baby doll.....maybe ours if we have a girl??

Melissa, thanks so much for the offer. If you were planning to type up your birth story anyway, I'd sure read it. I am not tired of them. But I know your plate is full, so it's up to you. I enjoyed the one off your blog.

melissa said...

Boys can have dolls too?
Mine do.
They also have monster trucks, so don't worry about their sexual identity [cough...I hope you realize I'm joking!]

I'll type it up for you.