Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Zoralee's first week

day one with Grandpa Larry
with great-Grandma Louise

with Uncle Luke and Aunt Heather

day two at Chinese food with the extended family;
great-Grandpa Gene introduces the LED light

at the SAD lamp to help with a touch of jaundice
day four walk to church with Papa and Mama
Zoralidell "The Ice Baby" Stoffer
(for the UFC fans out there)
think I'm coy, do you?
But behold, I am Super Zor!

don't judge;
even superheroes get discouraged and need Grandma time

resting today with Papa


Christi said...

I love her already :)

Lindsay said...

Man, she's adorable and looks so alert for her first few days! Enjoy every minute!

Mars said...

Yay! Lots of pics and she's toooo cute. I love her already, too! :)

melissa said...

gorgeous! you're a brave momma to venture to a restaurant on day 2! i still couldn't sit on those hard wooden chairs on day 2. by week 3 maybe.

Anonymous said...

She's beautiful... a true gift from God. You and Jason will be awesome parents! God Bless your new family. Praying for you!

Ken and Linda Witthoeft

tamie said...

I totally adore this child. I am putting her on my Top 5 Most Awesome Children in the World List. The list is kind of bulging at the seams...I have to have a loose interpretation of the number "5".

Love love love to all three of you!!!

handfull of johnsons said...

Cloth diaper bottoms in zipper footie jams are the best. It's hard to not start singing..."I like big butts and i cannot lie.." but that's just me. She is amazing!!

AK->NC said...

Jason & Lori,

She is absolutely beautiful. Congratulations times a million. How freakin exciting! Zoralee is so incredibly blessed to have yall as parents, and the large extended family supporting and loving her! I wish yall the absolute best and look forward to more pictures!

P.S. perhaps she will use those long fingers of hers to play that piano i saw in the background somewhere!!