Friday, January 16, 2009

it's the simple things. the real simple.

Yesterday I went to Joanne's Fabrics for a few things. Zoralee was viewing with amazement, not the rows and rows of colorful fabrics or ribbons or yarns, but the plain white circle lights above us. This picture is exactly how she looked for a long time, enough time for me to have a good laugh, realize I should be documenting this, and dig through my purse for the camera.

Shortly after this, she must've decided she needed the attention of every single one of our fellow shoppers and so broke into a fit. Crafty, industrious ladies appeared from all sides, young frazzled mothers, calm experienced ones, all to coo at Zoralee. One lady in her 70's with thin hair that would've been white, but in keeping it shoulder-length and attempting to dye it brown ended up with it orange, furrowed her eyebrows and asked if Zoralee needed to eat. I told her I'd just fed her. Oh, well then she must have an air bubble, Orangey surmised. She hesitatingly walked away but kept her eyes on me as she walked. I got Zoralee out of her carseat and into her sling, and noticed minutes later that Orangey was still hanging out at the periphery a couple aisles up, watching.

Good times in Joanne's.

You know, I just remembered that I have a pic of the sling. It's a Mai Tai sling that Darla made, and it works quite well for Zoralee. Darla and Steve gave it to us around the New Year, when they were passing through on the train and we'd met them at the station for quick hugs. Thanks, you two!

How's that for a stream-of-consciousness blog?

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