Wednesday, February 11, 2009

the chicks now, plus Zor, plus the chicken house

Yesterday was day 5 of having the chicks, so we took the broilers' food from them last night, as Jason read that he should. This morning when he gave it back, woooo-eee were they excited. They lined right up and commenced to pickin.

We've got the two flocks separated now into two brooders. They have already grown so much! It's interesting to see how the two breeds interact differently with us. The dark ones, our egg layers (Barred Plymouth Rocks), are quite sociable. If you stick a hand into their brooder, they run up to it to see what will happen. The yellow ones, the broilers, scatter.
Here's the first close-up encounter between Zoralee and Henlee this morning. Get it? Hen. Henlee, like Zoralee. And actually, this one may not keep the name Henlee. I want the chicken who is most like Zoralee to get that name, and this one is way too laidback.

further progress on the chicken house
(a.k.a. guest house)

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