Thursday, February 5, 2009

coffee, fits, posterboard stars, horse hairs, chicks en route

I wonder if the tidbits of coffee I consume concentrate themselves in the milk I pass off to the kid.
I do mean tidbits - mere sips of Jason's or maybe 1/2 cup of my own once a day. I am not an addict; I could stop sipping. But coffee seems to be a direct manifestation of Jesus' love, and I like to get all of that I can. Last night Zoralee threw fits for a couple hours, and then sat awake chattering up a storm with Jason. I used to think, "Oh great! If she's up late at night, she'll sleep late the next morning." even though that hadn't played true. Come to find out yesterday in an email from that when babies are over-stimulated and don't get to sleep soon after they show signs of needing it, they sleep more fitfully.
Tonight she threw a good fit, but it wasn't long lasting, thanks to Gripe Water and Papa inserting a few G-forces into her little life. If he spins around with her briefly or makes her swing go pretty fast for about 30 seconds, she calms right down. We were discussing how it's like a computer re-start. Quite handy.
Zoralee's world was at one point in time our bedroom, Jason's and mine. Now we're guests - here, as my mom said, to feed and entertain her. At first she just had the one wall that her bassinet and dresser were against. It bore a simple decopague art series about the night time. Now, above our bed hangs a star quilt she got from great gpa & gma, and all around the room are stars cut out of posterboard and painted in bright designs. Yes, it's my doing, because I've wanted her little brain to be stimulated. But it may be too much. She smiles at the quilt; it's in a new place but it's a familiar item. The posterboard stars, however, she eyes very suspiciously and sticks her bottom lip out toward.
Yesterday was Zoralee's 2 month birthday. In celebration, here are a few photos. Can you imagine? More photos of our firstborn child.
- matching hair dos -

- my view of Zoralee in the front Snugli -

- Zoralee, Molly, and me -

Light skates across the frozen meadow,
illuminating on the barbed wire fence
iced-over hairs of unknown origins.

Ooooh! Doesn't that sound like the first line to an eerie story? In this case, I believe the hairs are of those of horses. But I must've walked by this fence 100 times and have never noticed them. Or if I did, it wasn't significant enough to devote to memory.
In chicken news, they shipped out yesterday and are supposed to be here tomorrow. I have been worried, because they are so suseptible to temperature extremes right now. The hatchery makes special boxes for them to be shipped in, and they include enough to keep each other warm (there are minimums you have to buy for that reason), but all it takes is one postal worker along the way to not shut a door to a room or to accidentally leave them in a truck for too long. We're all set up with the brooder indoors, and Jason is starting to build the coop outside, for which they won't be ready for several weeks.

Here's the start of skids, which the coop'll be atop of.

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