Tuesday, April 14, 2009

johnny jump up

Yeah sure, Zoralee's a little small for it, in that her hands occasionally dangle out of the leg holes, but she loves to be upright so much and she's such a kicker, that we decided to try it out.

It's more of a Johnny-Look-Around and Johnny-Lick-A-Strap


Rachel Clear said...

I love this video! It's hilarious how she just lifts her legs up and sort of lounges and floats around, exerting no effort at all. Awesome.

Rachel Clear said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaaahahhaha! Crap. I should have wait and commented after I watched the WHOLE video and looked at the pix. The end where she turns around is priceless. But also, remove that darn tag from the jump-up.

The pic of her licking the strap might be my new favorite picture.

Anonymous said...

Jason, Remember you said you would put a foam cushion under her little ,fragile, beautiful legs. She is just the cutest baby ever!!!