Thursday, May 21, 2009

a teensy depressing tidbit

I think our external hard drive essentially erased a couple massive folders of photos, specifically from summer 08 onward until Zoralee's birth. Don't ask me how. I'll ask YOU how, any technosaaviers out there. And if you can help me get those pictures back, you'll be my technosavior.

The pics included my last six months of pregnancy, my own shots of labor, my sister's wedding, Jason's work at the Park, and a bunch of stuff I haven't thought of yet but will be more depressed when I do. Fortunately, I think we can piece a representative selection together, from highlight cds we made for people at random times (and are now asking them to mail back), but I hadn't gotten around to making my own backup cds. I am a fool!

Moral of the story: back your documents up on disc! And print onto that old stuff we call "paper" any of the pictures you really, really like.


Damon B said...

That's not a teensy depressing. That's REALLY depressing. My wife and I lost most of the pictures of us and family members from the first two years of our marriage when I didn't back up. I have since learned my lesson. Buy a new computer every year! No, wait, wrong lesson. Hope you find some way to recover at least some of them.

Oh, and happy now? I've commented on your blog as well!

Anonymous said...

How can I comment on something so very important to you except to say I remember when I took Jason to Disneyworld after his Father passed away, I was trying to get his mind off his loss of his Dad for a little while and bring a little happiness into his life. We took 70 pictures of fun times and smiles for my little boy. When i went to get the film developed they told me it had been erased by the security at the airport. You can't replace memories on paper. I'm so sorry Lori! Hope the CD I have hepls you!! Love Barb