Monday, June 1, 2009

catch up monologue

I have 40 million things to blog about, as I've been thinking so much about so many things so much of the time. We got back last night from a weekend in Spokane - my mama, Zor, my sis-in-law, Heather, and my sister, Rachel. It was so great, and I have much to say about it. And I have been thinking about Memorial Day (over a week ago now), and my experiences at the parade. And the book I'm reading called "God Among the Shakers," and how it contrasts with the aforementioned experiences. And how much Zoralee is growing.

But I also have a roast that has been sitting in the fridge for days that will go to ruin if I don't get to cooking it this instant, a pile of crud to put away from the weekend, a photo cd to view from my mom-in-law that will have a few pics from those files we lost, a garden to plant, socks to put away that have stayed on the line for a week, oh, and a growing baby to care for. I'll betcha my sister will beat me to posting pics and tales from our weekend in Spokane, so if you're not a regular to her blog otherwise, there you go.

Coming soon.....the story of Zoralee pooping on the Spokane Arena lawn in front of the garbage-picker-upper guys, some interesting tidbits on the Shakers, including their philosophy of celibacy, and photos of flag-waiving children.

Much love until then.


Rachel Clear said...

Pictures are up!

(Not many stories yet, but you'll do a better job of those)

Rachel Clear said...


Tamie said...

I think you should blog next about the Memorial Day stuff! And then the Shakers! Or maybe both in one post?!?