Saturday, June 20, 2009

when diaper free time goes terribly wrong

The picture is small so it doesn't catch you too off guard, which means you can't see it on her sleeper, socks, leg warmers, etc. That's probably for the better.


Rachel Clear said...


Mount Belly Mama said...

Well, lucky for us - if we click on it - it shows us full screen on the PC. lol.

I am actually reading "diaper free baby" right now. Have you written other blogs about it? Any specific recommendations for someone like me?

Rachel Clear said...

Your writer's block must be worse than we thought. Would you like us to come there and be with you?

MBM - there are quite a few references to it on Lori's blog and mine (from when Lori has visited...including a few pix). :)

Charndra at Part Time Diaper Free! said...

Oh dear!

I guess she needed a potty stop just before!

lori lls said...

Okay. I'm really glad to see a little bit of dialogue on this post, because I was about to log on and delete it. Jason happened by and saw the picture while he was eating chili. No kidding. He thought it was a bit over the top in the disgusting department.

It probably is, and for those who are incensed, I apologize!

Mount Belly Mama - oh, I'm glad you're reading that book! I started Zoralee on EC at a few weeks old, and the whole experience is just amazing. I am nowhere near to having her be "diaper free," but she does go in the sink or toilet several times a day, greatly reducing the diaper wash load. Most importantly, it has kept her in touch with her own body's rhythms so that when she catches on to sign language, she'll already know to alert us about potty. She alerts us often now, but I have had a tough time distinguishing between her potty fuss and all other things fuss.

The thing I'd say has been most important is having easily accessible clothing. When I read the book, I honestly didn't give much thought to that. Frocks or dresses and leg-warmers have been my best friends. Sleepers that have 47 buttons have NOT been my friends. Sleepers with zippers are okay. In the middle of the night especially, being able to very simply take off the diaper and hold the baby over the sink is key to keeping up with the process (from my limited experience).

My next step in bringing the blog up to modern standards is to label the posts with tags and show a list in the sidebar!

Rena said...

Well, at least it matches the carpet.

Christi said...

I clicked on it and enlarged it really huge before I showed made us both happy to be past that stage :)

Autumn and Dan's family said...

What are you feeding that girl!
I love the daddy and baby pictures and the dew...beautiful!

Mount Belly Mama said...

Thank you for responding! Great advice! I have a lot of those sleepers that are kind of dress style. I don't know the term for them. lol. They are extra long and you can hike them up. That will probably work at first. I think those leggings are super cute (especially with cloth diapers!). I figure I'll keep the onesies undone (it will be summertime) during the day.

I am going to get a baby bjorn potty - I've been told by everyone that is the best one to use (plus you can have more than one in each room). I want to get two: one for the bathroom and one for the nursery.

It's a great book! Also, I just found a local diaperfreebaby support group in Portland. It's at:

Thank you!

Damon B said...

That picture is truly disturbing. Small child. Big mess. disturbing. VERY disturbing.