Tuesday, September 29, 2009

last month in Montana

I just can't move on so quickly without first throwing on a few pics from our last month in Montana.
helping Grandpa to really stuff in the hunting supplies
My mom thought Z's first trip to Walmart was just hysterical.
She took pics, phone pics, video. Crazy Grandma.
a relaxing summer's evening on Flathead Lake with Kristi and Brent
Z and the wii

getting familiar with Alaska friends

This one's from more than a month ago, but I have to post it.
Jese, Nikki, Nya, and Brette, we miss you and the gang!
Seared into my memory is also the image of Justin and Alex standing by the wood stove, looking down at Zoralee and Brette on the living room side of the baby boundary. It was a precious sight, two grown men taking time to say goodbye to a couple of little boogers.
These are also from earlier in the summer,
but they come to mind when I think of Montana.
Sunday Swirl


Rena said...

I hadn't cried yet today till I read your blog. Way to get me back on track! :)

But it's reassuring to know that even in Alaska Zoralee is still surrounded by lots of love and attention. And when she needs a dose of Grandma and Grandpa, you can always show her pictures and videos, and she can remember Montana.

Elisha said...

That first picture of your mom and Zoralee made me tear up a little. It was so hard on my parents when we moved from their place...they get used to all that anytime lovin'. I understand the sadness. But luckily for your ma and a wee bit sad for us...you will be back in no time :)