Monday, November 16, 2009

photograph frenzy

Looks like we're going to be cancelling internet service, as our 30 day trial draws to a close. As a result, I've got to make hay while the sun shines. You're about to be bombarded with photographs. Most are centered around a certain daughter of ours named Zoralee Rena, but there is a commercial break or two for non-Zoralee photos. Okay, there's one break.
We'll be back amongst you intermittently!
Much love.
Much hugging and handshakes.
Many cheerios.
- small girl in a big world -
Tidal Wave Bookstore
- I introduce to you the Amish boy of the 21st Century -
These are Z's riotous new suspenders, which help her britches to stay up.
new toy that Papa brought home from work
For First Friday this month, we went to the museum (for free!!!) with a small entourage of friends. It was just GREAT. Then everybody came over for hot cider and a makeshift meal of pork roast that T&S brought in their crock pot, brussels sprouts on the stalk that N&A brought, and sweet potatoes.
I have mostly Z pictures of that night, because she looked so funny amongst all the museum artifacts and art.
Z visiting with a group of young strangers - evidence of the stronger magnetic pull when you're up north -
just kidding. we have no idea how this happened one day mid-cooking
Here's the first snow in Anchorage, and the first snow Zoralee is old enough to...well,
not remember per se, but old enough to recognize that this stuff is cold and white.
- day after the first snow -
look how much trouble it is for Z to contain her mirth


Rena said...

I love these pictures! Please, get another 30 day trial or something!!

Z is such a tiny little grown-up person, and she's having so many great experiences in her young life. I'd sure like to know what she's thinking as she gazes up at all the exhibits in the museum. It's obvious that she's paying attention and thinking something ... but what? (I'm glad she knows how to use a cell phone so well too :)

Lori said...

Your photos and blogging remind me so much of the days I was raising my own precious daughter, who is now 20. Our lives have many parallels and seeing yours is like a blast from the past. The video of Zoralee and the chickens could have come off my recorder. I will miss your updates, but thank you for those that you have posted. Enjoy every moment of your life, posted or not. Peace.

Rachel Clear said...

Sis, this is an awesome post!

Look how fearless Zor is. There isn't really anything that scares her, which I'm sure will be a useful trait as she grows. I love how miniature she looks next to everything else. My favorite is her talkig with the strangers.

I guess we can wait a few weeks until you're back on the ol' computer. I guess.

Anonymous said...

Oh! I can't seem to get enough of my beautiful,cute,smart and just adorable Grandbabie Z she looks so cute with all the things at the museum and Oh! yes Daddy looks so handsome without his beard.I love all the pictures you put on here and can't wait hold and hug all of you!!!