Monday, November 23, 2009

this second spregnancy and our time in Alaska drawing to a close

Yeah, we're stoked and a little startled and a teensy scared about this development! We've got another munchkin growing. It's surreal still, since by all reports any kickings I'm feeling are my own imaginings, and I'm not really showing. But I am at 11 weeks, so I know that the trueness of this situation will soon be evident. Sometimes I am thrilled as can be, because we'd previously stated that since we've started a family, we're going for it, one after the other, until we decid to stop. Being that we're old people and such. But other times, I'm wondering what in tarnation I've gotten myself into, since Zoralee will only be a year and a half old and probably a fair handful. Her personality is developing at the speed of light. If you're a praying person, put one in for us that this baby will be chilled and laidback (you know, a baby that likes to sit on your lap, cooing and cuddling and signing to you in baby sign whenever they need to go potty. And also, likes to attach themselves to a binky or favorite blanket or stuffed animal, thereby self-soothing.).

I've had a few little dibbles of nauseousness, but almost not enough to mention. I've been tired, and generally unmotivated to walk or be outside, which is a bugger. It could be due to the RIDICULOUSLY LONG cold snap we've been having here in Anchorage, but whatever the cause, the body needs motion for health, especially in spregnancy, so this hasn't helped the old mental state of affairs, nor the physical.

Our time in Anchorage is drawing to a close. We've got three weeks left, during which my parents will be here for a week (yay!!), my sister for a long weekend (yay again!!), Zoralee will turn one year old, and we'll be packing up the house, solidifying travel and holiday plans, and saying our solemn goodbyes.

Thanks for checking in, though I've been such a sporadic blogger. It makes me glad to keep in touch with you all this way. Sometimes when Jason takes the laptop to school, where there's internet access, he'll pull up all the blogs I read and keep them on the laptop for me to read when he gets home. It's so great! I can't interact and add comments, but I generally know what's up with you, my fellow bloggers.

Take good care of each other!


Rachel Clear said...

Yay for pregnancy!

Boo for cold streaks.

Yay for me coming to visit!

Boo for having to leave Alaksa.

Yay for coming down to the lower 48!

shana said...

ditto to what she said

Elisha said...

Okay so here I am on your blog...feel I have been out of touch with the blogosphere! But I figure sometimes it is easier to type things than to say them :) I am so incredibly grateful for the amazing gift of time we have had with you Stoffer 3 (okay 4 now). Because it was really just that...a gift. Unplanned for and surprising and just plain awesome. Part of the pain that comes in your leaving though is just that, well, with this blessed extra time spent our hearts have drawn a little closer and we have grown to love and adore your little "pickle" Zoralee. Lots of great conversations, coffee, tea, beer :), warm food, times by the fire, playing games, watching the fights...good times. But so grateful are we that we got to have those moments.
Your next little munchkin will be just what you need. There are always things to worry or fuss over and be anxious about...but mostly they never pan out. After an expected transition Zoralee will adjust to a new little star sharing ma & pa's attentions and you will have the time that you need. You are a most excellent mama and this will just be more adventures for you to journal about. You are so dear to me, and such a kindred spirit Lori. Thank you thank you for the gift of time. I am blessed to be your friend.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on baby #2 !
I was 43 when I had my last baby.
Both Karissa & Ranae last two children were close together(they each have 3)...18 monthish apart.
My closest were 2 years...I was an avid nursing baby mom...that worked for me spacing them apart.
Nancy Simmons
P.S. I have now joined the "blog world". I have a blog with one of my good friends here in Montana.

Zing said...
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Zing said...

Congratulations... remember God is in control and His timing is PERFECT just like little Zoralee and Kumquat.
God Bless your family
Love you all

tamie said...

Ah, dear Lori. Hang in there, okay? One one one breath at a time. Today I was walking, and I was feeling really angry, and I thought about something I heard on the radio yesterday--that 99% of our lives are lived in imaginationland in our heads--so I tried to just breathe, and be there. It sort of worked, too. For brief seconds, I was able to just be there. The thing is that, in the moment, life is often doable. One breath to the next.

You are awe-inspiring to me, just in who you are. No hyperbole. Keep on truckin'. And I hope our trucks meet soon, and we can see each other.

Much love.

Samantha @ Mama Notes said...

hi! I just found your blog. My family and I just moved to Anchorage on Saturday! Bummer you are just leaving Alaska now.. I need to meet some new mamas and babes. :) Congratulations on your new blessing!!