Thursday, January 28, 2010

zoralee's month back in montana

- getting reacquainted with the chickens -
just after this photo, Z broke into a high squeal of fear;
enclosed spaces aren't very good for reintroductions
but she loves the eggs!
a cool speckled one
This red rocking chair belonged to my Grandpa Gene when he was a baby.
Z is the fourth generation to play with it. How special is that?!

Zoralee LOVES Grandma Rena. She's saying "Gah-ma" with ever-increasing clarity,
and she'll nearly always choose her over me (HER OWN MOTHER). It's a bit ridiculous.
Here, despite Grandma's protests, Z knows she's got milk-making goods somewhere in there.

Zoralee is a phone talker. Boy, howdy. A phone yeller is more like it, just like Grandpa Larry. Some imaginary conversation partner somewhere in the cosmos is getting an earful. Z talks on whatever cell or cordless phones she runs across, as well as remote controls and calculators. Perfectly reasonable. Smallish, plastic squares with buttons. But she also talks on toys, balls, dishes. Recently she held a pair of pants to her ear and said "Ah-lah," her hello. Is she imaginative or confused? How can I blame her for not knowing which household items are embedded with electronics when she found her birthday card from Nana the other day and opened it up to hear Nana's voice? It's one of those recordable cards. I tell you what - kids these days are going to grow up thinking absolutely anything is possible, anything is believable. Let's hope they put that no boundaries mindset to good use solving world puzzlers like poverty, disease, and convincing people to drive in the right lane unless they're passing. I mean it.


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tamie said...

Oh me oh my. I can't believe Jason's clean-shaven.

I love speckled eggs too. I always think they're so gorgeous. Now I need to go meet the hens who lay them. They live around here somewheres, I've just never met them!

Rachel Clear said...

A blog of pictures and pictures and pictures. Nothing could have made me happier this morning. :)

Very great indeed.

I miss the sound of her little voice saying hello.

Rachel Clear said...

Also, yeah, can't believe Jason's face! In the high-five video mom sent I could hardly believe my eyes at first. I forgot what he looked like under there!

And also, I can't believe that little shirt fits her... yay!

Mars said...

I'm sorry, but I just simply cannot get over that second pic of her skinny little chicken legs in those blue striped leggings! Ha, so stinkin' adorable, that girl! I can't believe how fast she's growing up (I'm sure you can't, either!) She is just the cutest.

Rachel Clear said...

I think Zoralee is possibly the cutest baby to ever walk the planet.

Elisha said...

YAY! So good to see your pictures. It is a warm fuzzy for us frozen 4. We sure do miss her little smile. I love the one of her with the "phones". That is having a girl for you. Uber communicators from the git-go. Holy Smokes Jason is looking un-Jason! But clean cut and handsome of course not alien and weird. Brandon won't shave because he said he thinks he looks like a twelve year old boy :)
We miss, miss, miss you. All the time. Regularly. Every day. Moment-to-moment. Chloe wants to go on another "2 mile walk downtown by Auntie Lori's house". I want you to just stop by. Maybe we should look on ebay for one of those Star Trek transporter thing-a-ma-jigs so you can just beam on over for tea...wouldn't that be nice?

Shana said...

Holy crap...that's Jason?!!! =0) Miss Zoralee's so prescious!! I also love those blue striped legging thingy's...we should all be wearing those!

kranberrys said...

I remember Jason's face...that is the face I saw when I first met him...way back at a summer camp where he was a counselor...I even remember him telling about how if/when he proposed to you where he would do it...that water tower near where we used to have Labor Day camps...then you guys hiked up there and it was torn down =( Was that a crazy dream or is that the story =)

lori lls said...

Yepper dooo, this is Jason in all of his unhairy glory. And now, it's even crazier - his head of hair is whittled down substantially.

Elisha - - yes, if you come across a teleporter, give us a call. We'd come up for tea.

Karissa - - good memory! The water tower story is not just your imagination. They'd torn or burned it down the last time we went up there, probably so it wouldn't be a liability. Boo! So instead, Jason proposed to me in Alaska with a 25 cent ring he got from one of those grocery store toy-in-bubble machines. It had the word "Rove" on it, as opposed to Love.