Saturday, February 13, 2010

word of the day: splitter (and variations thereof)

Yesterday morning started off early at 9 a.m. (what are people thinking?!) with a tv/phone/internet technician coming over to install some equipment. All he needed us to do was find a cord splitter buried in one of the walls of our house. Rrrright. My dad had wired the house himself when we built nearly two decades ago, and sorry kid, but that particular neuron channel in the brain must've split off from the other house-building memories and become grown over with more useful data - like, well, anything. Nevertheless, we searched low and high, moved boxes and beds, and Dad undid any wall plates that were not electric. Never did find the splitter, so the guy drilled a new hole in the house. Just a giant drill, all the way from the inside to the out, within 20 seconds. Snaps you right out of the sense of security and castle-ness you have about your home, know what I mean?
Then the folks, Zoralee and I went to check out a Winnebago at an auction, just for kicks and giggles. Turned out to not be ideal for our extended family, with some of the work it'd need, but it's hard to keep this bunch of people from viewing, googling,, bluebooking, NADA-ing, talking and dreaming about vehicles in general, but especially road trip vehicles. We want to know what options you've got for pottying on the go, cooking on the go, sleeping on the go, making good gas mileage, listening to music or books on cd, and storing all our stuff. If we can look like the Clampetts while we're doing it, bonus.

Zoralee and I then split off and headed to town, where I split from Zoralee, leaving her with Aunt Heather for fun and games while I visited my friend in an extended care place. K requested to have her nails cut, which I was thrilled to do; I figured cutting nails on anybody less wiggly than Zoralee would be easy. But my lands, I've never seen more heartier nails on a human being! However she's getting her calcium, it's working. She'd offered to soak her nails first, but knowing nothing about nail care, I just started in with what she provided me - toenail clippers. Bits of keratin flew all over the room like shrapnel. An innocent nurse got "nailed" in the eye. That's not true, but yuckity yuck anyway. It was good, clean fun. If I didn't take itsy bitsy bites at a time, K ended up with splitters down the nail. Ouchers!!, plus they would no doubt snag on clothing later. We got the splitters filed down to a reasonable smoothness with a file K had won at Bingo.

Then it was back to Luke and Heather's, where Luke and I worked on several split tracks for one of his songs. That was really great, and it got me jazzed up to record some of my songs, as well as sew, and organize, and finish photo projects, and make astounding meals, and, and, and. It's funny how breaking out of your routine to do something creative makes you feel like Superwoman for about an hour. Superwoman with glasses, of course. And speaking of glasses and splitting, I went the whole day without a splitting headache - good because I'm wearing old glasses whilst my current ones are in for repair.

And now I close with the only pics of the day, Z and Heather in the studio listening to Luke lay down a vocal track. By the way, Zoralee now calls Uncle Luke, "Unk." It is presch and a half.

classic listening faces. . .expressing creative ideas


Rena said...

That particular Winnebago is probably beyond our meager budget, but there was an old lavender van from the 70's that we might have been able to afford! Keep dreaming I guess.

Rachel Clear said...

Weird that you guys in MT, as well as David in Chicago were ALL looking at winnebegos on the same day. Except I don't think Erin and David could afford to get into the show... but still. Weird coincidence.

Also... post some pix of the Valentines Day outfit! Do it!

kranberrys said...

YOu guys win the award for most humor in one family! Love it! Keeps me entertained =)

lori lls said...

Oh, I didn't know David was going to a Winnebego show! I knew he and Dad had been talking back and forth about Dave's interest in this one in MT.

I didn't really take V-day pics of Z. Sorry. She wasn't wearing any particular outfit for it. Yes, she had on those black boots, but not because of V-day.

Thanks, Karissa. And you guys win the contest for most people. Ha!

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