Friday, June 11, 2010

a wee bit o' Zor, the last few days o'er

Rachel has advised me that my recent entries have been depressing, and that some Zoralee footage is in order. Okay then! I needed a break from packing anyway. Not really, but you know.

Fortunately for prego hormonal sister, Zoralee has a lot going on. Why, she is even now standing in the yard with a measuring tape, playing a harmonica. Hey, I'll run out and get a picture. Technology is absurd.

(I got a short video too, but I'll post it later. Blogger is driving me crazy at the moment, what with automatically saving every .6 seconds, arranging pictures randomly and not as I'm placing them, and generally taking forever to get anything done. I seriously feel like I might have an anxiety attack over it.)

Here are some other shots of her recently. I believe the fun parts of having a baby are now outweighing the not-so-fun or sheer work/effort/maintenance parts. Actually, I'm just throwing that out there. I haven't analyzed whether it's true for me or not. But there is some truth to it, at least. Do other moms feel this way, especially with young ones? I'm picking up that the first couple years' experiences of the primary care-giver are quite different from the experiences of the other family and friends associated with a baby (the former being primarily times of enjoyment and bemusement). I remember a friend saying a couple years ago that her kids were just starting to be fun for her to raise. And they were maybe 3 and 6 then. Of course, she was a single mom and didn't have stellar support.


Okay, Zoralee just pulled her pants down and peed in the driveway, only barely wetting one pant leg. How awesome is that?! The first time she did it, about a month ago, I thought my heard would explode of pride. She has slowly been improving the splash and spill factors. That's a whole 'nother post, but I am happy to report that we're potty trained! And I do mean "we;" EC is totally a group effort! I am really excited to blog about my take on EC now that we're about done, but alas, no time more today. Enjoy the pics.

Zoralee of the Rocks 
Henry and Z


Elisha said...

Gosh we really do love and miss you guys...we need to catch up and skype. I love these pictures! Especially the sly smile that Z has with her hand down your shirt!
Love love love to you

Rachel Clear said...

Aaaaaaaaaah! YES!

Thank you, my sister, thank you.

Rachel Clear said...

Aaaaaaaaaah! YES!

Thank you, my sister, thank you.

lori lls said...

Elisha - yes, let's skype this week! I was wondering who would be the first to comment on Z's hand down my shirt. :) I get a kick out of that picture.

Rachel - you are welcome.
Rachel - you are welcome.


Rachel Clear said...

Haha! My internet was being a punk over the weekend and I couldn't log on again to finish my first comment OR to delete that repeat. Drat!

But... I have a dozen more things to say about this post that I'll say in a minute, after I've re-read it and re-looked at the photos again. :)

Rena said...

Z is so serious! But when you earn her smile, it's worth whatever it took.

Luke and Daphne said...

What an accomplishment. Boys a re fun too. So easy to train! Luke was trained during the spring/summer months because I'd tell him to go pee on a stick or a tree in the yard!