Saturday, July 24, 2010

Welcome to earth, little Bennett David Clear!

Ya-hoooo! We welcome, with hearts full of surprise and joy, my adorable nephew, Bennett David Clear!

He was born at home in the wee morning hours of July 21st, at 38 1/2 weeks. Rachel was so calm in her communication with the midwives, covinced she wasn't really in labor, that they broke no speed laws to get here. They made it only 20 minutes before Bennett flew out. And fly out he did, his first activity being to go for a swim around the birthing tub while the crowd frantically groped through the water for him. He was very alert and grown up, though just a little toot at 4 pounds, 13 ounces.

Our family had jumped in the car and driven all night from Montana, but we missed the birth by two and a half hours. Nevertheless, it was a beautiful labor and delivery, and Rachel was supported and strong. We couldn't have asked for it to be better.

Unfortunately, we didn't realize how little collosrum Bennett was getting during his first day and a half. He had a blood sugar crash that resulted in us rushing him to the hospital, where he was admitted to the NICU to get his fluids up and be monitored. If it hadn't been the weekend, he may have been released quickly, because they could find nothing else wrong with him, despite his small size. But we are waiting until Monday to get test results back, to rule out other problems. So, we appreciate prayers and thoughts. I really am stoked for you to see all kinds of pictures. He is seriously precious. Here are a few phone pics. We can't upload most of the real camera shots to this particular laptop of Rachel's, because we lack the appropriate cords, and it doesn't have a card reader.


Elaine said...

So cute! Congratulations on your new nephew. :)

melissa said...

I keep coming back for more peeks....such a cute peanut!!

ms emili louann said...

he *is* such a cute peanut!!

we're continuing to pray for little bennett's health, and for rachel and cam.

thank you for the pictures and updates, lori :)