Friday, August 27, 2010

our Portland week, Part III: family time

woops - this one was supposed to go in the first post - Grandma Rena and Bennett at home

visiting my great-aunt, Nadine (Z's great-great aunt!)

the zoo with Grandma Rena, Unkin Dave, and Miss Enin (Uncle Dave and Miss Erin)

We spent the most time at the lion statues. Couldn't tear Zoralee away. She must've been tired of the separation glass at all the other cages / displays / pins / homes / dens / caves / ponds. These are not warm, moving, growling flesh, but at least you can climb them.

I had daydreamed of taking Zoralee to the Portland zoo for so long, and I'm very glad we went. I'm excited to take her again - to a zoo here in Texas. Oh, we're in Texas, by the way. That's for another blog post. But yeah, that particular day was a weirdy for me introspectively. I'm generally not happy to see anything in captivity, even zoos where many of the animals are abandoned or injured and wouldn't survive the wilds, but I was mostly fine about the animals that day. Truth was, I hadn't felt so awful in a long while about human reproduction as I did at the zoo. I can't exactly put my finger on it.

Sometimes being in a crowd does that. Most everybody appears to have a sucky life, with little to no concern about their own health or deep contentment, much less that of their spouse or children or other fellow zoo-goers. And I wonder what the heck we're doing making more of ourselves. God's initial command to mankind, from a Judeo-Christian perspective - the one about being fruitful and multiplying - uhhh, okay, check! That one's covered. We done multiplied and dominion-ized each other and everything else into a bloody mess. How's about we move on to the next task??

That got me wondering if human ovulation and fertility are affected negatively by crowds. Generally speaking, evidently not, since some of the most populated places are.....still....populating...., but I mean when you're not used to the stress of the crowds, the cities, the noise, the clutter. This isn't a rant about global population control, which gives me the willies. See, even if there only existed the 300 people I saw at the zoo, I'd be having these thoughts - back and forth between hoping the earth flies out of rotation and into the sun, and finding beauty and meaning in a single weed in the field.

And despite it all, I'm anxious to have another baby. So, shoot. I don't know.

The zoo.
* * * * *
Hm. That was a real Debbie Downer way to end the post. Tell you what. I just received in the mail two sets of popcicle molds for the freezer. They are gorgeous. I will show you a picture sometime. Today I am throwing into the food processor yogurt, strawberries, honeydew melon, cherries (from Hood River, Oregon - I let my eyes well up a bit when I saw them at the grocery store here in south Texas), and maybe a tad bit of apple juice if it seems too thick. Then, I'll pour the mixture into these new molds, throw them in the freezer, and later in the day, we'll be eating homemade popcicles, just like in my childhood. YAY. And a good thing too, since it's always hovering around 100 degrees.
More later. I am determined to get back into the swing of blogging.
(*the first five pics and the one of Aunt Nadine are from Erin or Mom)


Rena said...

I loved looking at the pictures and the memories they bring back. I laugh every time I see the one of Rachel and Z at the restaurant table, with Z being so tickled with herself about something. Probably whatever she succeeded in making Rachel's phone do :)

Enjoy the popsicles! And when you're feeling creative, you can always experiment with finding the perfect recipe for the Peanut Butter Mocha Shake from Sequim.

Rachel Clear said...

Love this! Love her little white-hair-covered-head in all the pix!

Christi said...

I am so glad you write these thoughts out. I have had some of those same zoo feelings lately (so glad I have a name for them now) but I just didn't know how to express it. I tried to at our last Home Community discussion, but it was a fat fail. I think I just came away sounding negative and unsettled with God, which is not what I meant.

Z keeps getting cuter and cuter. I always get the urge to pick her up and wrestle her around when I see pictures! (That's how I have learned to show love with little boys and I'm afraid I'm stuck with it.)

Rachel Clear said...

The more I look at these the more therapuetic they feel on account of I missed all of this stuff. I'm so glad everyone got out and had fun and enjoyed each other in spite of everything.

I just love looking at pics of Zor!

Shana said...

I love the pics of her on the statues too! Her face is just full of excitement and pure glee!! Oh, to feel that way!

I wish for a baby for you, too. I kind'a know the feeling. You are such a good mama that God will bless your little family and it will grow.