Wednesday, October 13, 2010

two and a half weeks in Portland (in 35 pictures and 62 words)

three hoods and a booger

Don't the next two pics show off B and Z's cousin-ness? It's their eyes, noses, and eyebrows.

even a tiny triangle of forest wields treasures!

"We're going on a walk instead of watching another episode of 'Without A Trace?' You've got to be kidding."

us four kids 

with our childhood friend, Karissa, and her beautiful family


Rena said...

Awww...I love these pictures! Every day (sometimes several times a day)I look to see if you or Rachel have posted any blogs. Today my persistence was rewarded!!

kranberrys said...

Awesome pics! I feel like I was there...wait I was...well just for that last one... that wasn't nearly enough time to catch up but I loved seeing you guys and the kiddos =) Sorry again that my child hit your child thing... =( That was NOT OK =(

melissa said...

awesome!!! xo
my favorite is the three pumpkins in a little red wagon. You're right, Zor and B look similar! And I need a little girl I can put in pigtails. Like, really. It's about time...

Shana said...

many many speak more than words, don't they?

tamie said...

ah. i feel satiated.