Friday, December 17, 2010

morning cookies

a conversation from moments ago

Zoralee: Oh, those are cookies! We should have one!
Me: Okay. We usually don't have cookies in the morning, but I guess you could have a little piece.
Zoralee: Aubreigh gave these!
Me: Yes, Aubreigh gave these to us.
Zoralee: [eating a bite] Oh, wow!
Me: It's good, isn't it?
Zoralee: You have no idea.


Shana said...

Full of expression she is, that gal!!! Man, those must be some cookies!!!

amy frances said...

I would officially like to add meeting your daughter to my bucket list.

Rena said...

I can just imagine the conversation, complete with voices and expressions. Was she sitting on the kitchen counter when it took place? :)

lori said...

Shana, they were pretty good cookies.

Amy, Zoralee is a wise addition to your list, if I do say so myself.

Mom, why, yes she was. Did you leave a hidden camera behind?

Rachel Clear said...

Want to bite her little cheeks for this one.

In a good, kissy sort of way.