Wednesday, December 8, 2010

times with the fam in Texas

My parents left Monday morning, having visited for 2 weeks. They spent every waking moment with Zoralee in one activity or another, much to her delight. We also checked out Mexican restaurants around town, went to the San Antonio Zoo, walked to the playground, and got into a philosophical debate or two. I got to nap a lot; it was heavenly.

Rachel and Bennett came in late Thursday night, so their visit with the folks overlapped for three days over Zoralee's birthday weekend. Our Pickle is a pretty lucky gal to have family travel to wherever she is just for her birthday! Last year it was Alaska, and this year Texas. We might have to move somewhere even more exotic next year to test the family's stamina. Oh yeah, we are - North Dakota! That'll be the true test, one of overcoming shame and humiliation. For you see, we grew up in Montana telling North Dakota jokes, which generally focused on a North Dakotan's lack of intelligence or good looks. Very mature, I know. For example,
Why don't North Dakotan's ever ride their bicycles in Montana?
Because there are too many chain removal signs on the mountain passes.
...and other riotously funny quips.
Anyway, that was a rabbit trail if there ever was one. First, here're some pics of the general family visiting activities, then I'll do another of just Z's 2nd birthday. Also, Rachel has more pictures and stories over at her blog

snakes are evidently not cool in Zoralee's book
the Okapi, a shining example of genetic indecision
self-dusting: similar to Zoralee's self-yogurting
wishing we'd gotten to the goat petting pen before it closed
helping Grandpa with his morning reading

greeting upon arrival a weary boy and his Mama
Chore #1: establishing positions on Grandma's lap

pull ups on the playground

The kids love each other, even though they continually wake each other up from their non-coordinated naps. As I write, Zoralee ran up to Bennett and patted his cheeks, saying, "Bennett! Bennett! Bennett! Bennett!" She concluded by shaking his hand and saying cordially, "Nice to meet you!"


Rena said... makes me wish I were still there. I miss the early morning book readings, the hugs, the conversations and the snuggles. Give some extra kisses for me ♥

Cam said...

Um... is Bennett walking/dancing in the pic with Jason on the guitar? Looks like he is getting his groove on... good thing it was in a private home. Texans don't take kindly to tie-dye babies grooving out.

Great pics--wish I could've made it!

Cam said...
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Shana said...

Oh my goodness....I ADORE the sink bath picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rachel Clear said...

Haha! It DOES look like Bennett is dancing with his arms out in that picture.

Great post, sis.

tamie said...

I've been thinking a lot about that last photo because I think you should enter it into a photo contest, or enter it into a photo magazine somewhere. I know you're so busy, but it's such a brilliant picture. I think you could have a great career as a photographer, Lori.

tamie said...

And maybe I can help you look for said contest. Or maybe my step-dad can; he's a professional photographer.

Elisha said...

Yay! Such a great post with lots of pictures for faraway friends! Zoralee "petting" Bennett's head is the sink bath many good ones :)