Sunday, February 20, 2011

a few Zora-isms

Encouragement - - 
            [to me] Your hair looks very tired and very worse.

Global concerns - -
            [singing] God helps the deers...and China.

Watch Yer Back - -
            Mama, you don't have much time.

Fast Learner - -
            [pointing at the Starbucks store emblem] Who's that angel?

Irony - -
            Zoralee: What song is this?
            Me: It's a song called "Echo," by Helen Jane Long.
            Zoralee: What's she singin'?
            Me: A song called "Echo."
(I was disappointed that Z didn't keep asking, like she does about other things, because I really wanted to keep responding with, "Echo.")


ms emili louann said...

What a sweet little angel! I love children and their ways of speech.

Shana said...

I, in particular like the encouragement one....who couldn't use a little of that!!