Saturday, March 5, 2011

flight of the bumblebee

Bees in the kitchen, bees in the windows: an unfortunate side effect of having no screens but wanting to keep open doors. I don't like bees, and I'd hoped to avoid over-reactions in front of Zoralee when they come buzzing at my head. It appears that she has caught the bee-fear fever, much to both Jason's and my dismay. When I saw this clip over at Matt's blog, I thought it deserved a re-post, as Zoralee and I try to embrace that buzzy and fuzzy source of both honey and stings.

For the actual classical version, here's a nice short video by a Croatian pianist in punk rocker clothes. Cheers for randomness.

1 comment:

Rena said...

The Croatian clip is one to bust stereotypes! ☺ And those poor college guys - having to drink all that beer just for their 30 seconds of fame. It IS impressive, though.