Tuesday, March 15, 2011

glimpses of nature

When the pickins' are slim right around the house, weeds count.
There is a super cool walking trail near our community, with a swamp and stream running through. We've seen schools of tadpoles and minnows, turtles sunning themselves on flat rocks, lots of reeds and greenery. The other day, a real deer bounded past us, scared up by a dog. I thought we'd died and gone to National Geographic land.

Papa occasionally brings home desert treasures that we compare to a memory game we have of North American animals.
white-tailed deer antler
javelina tusks
Caracara bird (in the falcon family)
acorn art by Jason - these things are beanie-clad dudes all the way
evidence of spring
sunset behind our community

We're deep in the woods!
Well...not that deep.

playing with the photo editing program - - I'm sure our naked eyes would see these scenes this way if not for light interference, right?


Rachel Clear @ Clearly Speaking said...

Man, you really let her go deep into those woods! How intense to be so far from other humans...

Rena said...

I love Z's fashion sense! All those wild red coordinates for her deep woods adventure :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures ! I recognize those pants Z has on :) Such a ridiculously adorable little bean she is...

Tamie Harkins said...

You know, it occurs to me that when you make the most of the little you have, when the time comes that you have more, you'll just feel overwhelmed with the abundance.