Monday, April 4, 2011

pals in Texas - - a photo summation

I don't know what we would've done in Texas without the new friends we met, other families in our exact temporary situation. We celebrated holidays and birthdays, commiserated over our distant homes and families, walked to playgrounds, enjoyed the sunshine, rolled our eyes about the southern "winter," and gave each other tips about grocery store or entertainment finds. They even threw me a baby shower! I had avoided posting friends' pictures online, for privacy's sake, but I recently got permission from everybody to do just that. So, here is a sampling of our time together over the past three quarters of a year.

Halloween and Chase's Birthday

Walks and Playgrounds

Our Baby Shower

the "Piece And Paste Together Lori's Baby" game

It's quite a yoga move the baby on the left is doing, right?
I assured Jason that if we get a Hispanic baby,
he needn't worry; surely it takes after the darker sides of each of our families.
Yah, that's the ticket; genetics can be real weird, honey. Heh heh.
(What's a blog for if not to confess one's occasional tasteless jokes?) 

Landon and Brielle's Birthdays

The Zoo


Tamie said...

Thanks for posting all these! I enjoyed looking at them and imaginging your life there. Imagining, that is to say.

Elaine said...

I am glad you had friends there. What a difference that makes in a new place.

Hey, how come everyone was so tan? :)

ms emili louann said...

Love your pictures - how fun!

Tell Zoralee that I'll pay a pretty penny for those rad heart-shaped glasses of hers. Seriously :)