Monday, May 23, 2011

banana crepes

Okay, people, this is seriously the easiest recipe in the world that can still be considered cooking from scratch. It's my new favorite breakfast, snagged from Shelsea's blog. Gluten-free.

1 banana
3 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla

Blend the ingredients together with a blender or small food processer, and pour enough to look like a small pancake into a greased, medium-hot skillet. It is very liquidy - don't worry - it firms up! Cook for a couple minutes until there are tiny bubbles over the surface, flip, and let the other size cook for a minute. These crepes turn a dark golden brown. Serve with fruit, nuts, syrup, cream cheese, etc., or with nothing at all!

  • I also add a light sprinkling of cinnamon to the batter.
  • The recipe is easy to increase or decrease because of the straight-forward proportions. If you add another egg, add 1/3 of a banana.
  • Play with crepe size, depending on how you want to serve them. If you have a large skillet and big flat spatula that can flip a bigger, floppy crepe, you can make them big enough to roll up, like a tortilla, with fruit and such inside.


ms emili louann said...

I had to read the ingredient list, like, five times. That's seriously it?!! Wonderful! I'm going to try these manana :) Thank ya!

Shana said...

Ooooohhh, Adam will love these!!!

lori said...

Manana and banana have only a one letter difference (and a curly thing over the n in manana if we're getting technical)!

Let me know how you like them.

I have found they're not super filling by themselves - we usually eat a grain along with them. But they're good.

handfull of johnsons said...
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handfull of johnsons said...

Oh yes, they are filling if you have five. Just ask me and Tyler. We have had them twice and don't plan on stopping anytime soon! With the cinnamon too. YUM!! Thank you for this!

Shana said...

We've have them a couple of times now and really really like. Adam puts a little bit of whipped cream cheese on and granola in the mix, too. We might try just two eggs next time as an experiment. Definitely yummy!