Tuesday, May 10, 2011

hm....okay, mono-winning

On the house for purchase, they counter-offered our offer this morning, and we decided to decline. That means we'll be in the rental indefinitely. We were at first disappointed, but since we're not in a desperate situation any more, we've thought of all kinds of reasons to be very happy about the rental. Staying mobile and flexible right now is a good idea, and we'll be getting essentially the same life style we would've in the other house but without the commitment. It's much better financially, at least in the short run, and we'll be able to use our money on other priorities - like traveling away on vacation. And, we'll only have one move with a new baby; that's worth something! There's less indoor space, it's lacking the sweet out buildings that are set up and ready for chickens, horses, and goats, and we won't have the freedom we would've with home ownership, as far as remodeling or home improvements. But, those things will probably come by and by.

(My) first priority for Jason, after he finishes the projects to pay for rent, is to build us a portable outdoor wood-fired sauna! Woooooo-hoooooo! I don't know what free time I'm expecting him to use for all of this, with a toddler and a new baby I'll surely need to hand off sometimes, but practical concerns needn't get in the way of good old dreaming. Right now all I'm seeing is a naked little family sweating out their toxins and stress in a hot sauna while the cold north winds blow outside.

Anyway, this farm house is a dandy little place. Why, here's a picture of the brook running by.


Autumn Promise said...

Oh, yes!!! This sound perfect! I want to come sweat out my toxin's there! I also have been fantasizing about a sauna! I wish i could just come over right now and catch up over some coffee and good music. And maybe when I do come, I'll get stuck there in a huge snow storm, and then we can spend lots of time together.
Something about the lack of commitment with renting is so flippin' sweet. I love you guys and I hope I can make it over to your new place. Or maybe you are due for an Alaska vacation.... I know it is not as dreamy as the bahamas, but hey....

Christi said...

A brook? Everyone wants their own brook. Looks cool!!!