Wednesday, August 24, 2011

mama vs. papa: friendship

Zoralee's big pretend world right now is Madeline. She's Madeline, and either the dog or I is Miss Clavel. Often "Miss Clavel" is knocking at our front door, and when Zoralee opens it, in walks a waggy-tailed Kaladi. Ziah is either Pepito, the little boy in the stories, or he represents the other 11 girls who live with Madeline at the boarding school. So if Ziah is sleeping, the other 11 girls are sleeping, and suddenly Zoralee takes extra care to be quiet. Since Madeline has a Papa, Jason is still just Papa. (But as a side note, she has taken to calling him Pops lately.)


Zoralee: Mama, can you ask me, Madeline, what's wrong?
Me: What's wrong, Madeline?
Zoralee: Pepito doesn't want to be my friend anymore.
Me: Oh really? Did Pepito say that?
Zoralee: No. 
Me: Well, maybe you could talk to Pepito. Ask him why he doesn't want to be your friend.

5 minutes later, when Jason enters the room

Zoralee: Papa, can you ask me, Madeline, what's wrong?
Jason: What's wrong, little miss Madeline?
Zoralee: Pepito doesn't want to be my friend anymore.
Jason: Well, you can tell Pepito to suck your big toe.


ms emili louann said...

Riotous! I used to have my family call me "Cinderella" and I would busy myself around the house, cleaning and making weird sound effects.

Children, eh?

Christi said...

That is the best!!

Rena said...

Thanks, I needed that end-of-the day laugh ☺ (And I hope Jason is prepared to deal with whoever Zoralee actually says that to, which she's sure to do!)

Rachel Clear @ Clearly Speaking said...


I love that guy.

melissa said...

WHEWEEE, thanks! I needed a good belly laugh to make me cry at the end of a looooooong day today! xo =)

Rachel Clear @ Clearly Speaking said...

I told this story to so many people in Indy. It fits quite surprisingly into a whole host of topics.

Shana said...

I agree, Rachel!!! In is now nothin' to hear Adam or myself tell one another to go suck eachother's big toe!