Saturday, August 20, 2011

reunion in MT pics

Here are some shots from our early August Lautaret reunion in Montana. I posted a bunch more to a facebook album, for those who prefer that format. And if you aren't my facebook friend but want to see those, I am sure it would be easy to set up access. (My mom-in-law is here to love babies and wash dishes, so wee-hoo for internet time!)

Jason and I and the kids drove 14 hours to the Flathead Valley over night. What a golden way to travel with kids. I could hardly relax, just figuring one of them would wake up anytime and hate us and life from their (disad)vantage points in their Torture Devices for Children, a.k.a. car seats, but they did great. A DVD player got Zoralee down the road after the sun came up and sleep was no longer on her mind (just like home life, despite big thick curtains - grrr), and Ziah was pretty content until the last 1/2 hour.

We started off at my folks' place for a few days, the highlight being to celebrate the first year of life for my nephew, Bennett David. He is such an awesome little bundle of energy, as you're about to witness a sliver of during his cake eating: 

the reunion proper - -

Just a picture of people playing volleyball, you might think. But look again.
Isn't it also a picture of a darling pigtailed child in a pink inter tube,
a toy she stole mercilessly from her cousin, Bennett?

my dad reading excerpts from Patrick McMantus at the campfire

delving into joke-telling, mostly your classic "a nun walks into a bar" stuff

a family favorite - softball

our Kaladi hanging with the Ertz herd

Uncle Ralph actually caught a fly ball from this left field position.

most of the gang

old timey serious

outdoor game prep

indoor games

Cousin Lonita and her Percherons

all of the emotions one might expect to feel at a concert of Marshall Catch
(Unkin Luke's band) - surprise, glee, and confusion

I notice Rachel didn't post this shot over at her own blog.
I bear the burden then of keeping it real.

my immediate family and grandparents on Mom's side

grandfather and grandson in matching straw hats,
which were recovered from the dump by the boy's father
(and duct taped for maximum frugality / coolness)

a 3 hour tour (echo in a minor key: a 3 hour tour) of Flathead Lake

first injuries of the camp - bloody nose and hornet sting

at the summit of a little family hike
(south of Troy, Montana)

Mom, scaling a cliff or so

Cousin Lisa posing whilst I played with camera color settings


Shana said...

Yay! I so missed you. XoXOxO ;) First, did Uncle Ralph get a medal because he so deserved one!!

Secondly, shall I ask why "confusion" is listed as an emotion for Marshall Catch concerts?

Finally....way to keep Rach real. Just remember, paybacks are you-know-what! Haha

Rena said...

I love the pictures! Most of them, anyway. But Rachel will kill you ☺

Rachel Clear @ Clearly Speaking said...

Uh, dude. I haven't posted ANYTHING about the reunion yet. Duh! But rather than do it myself, I should just link to this excellent post. Well done, sis. Way to capture all those memories.