Friday, September 16, 2011

moments with Nana

Barb took this picture, and we get a kick out of Z, The River Dancer.

a little fire pit for the porch (best $37 we've ever spent)

the Metis Indian fiddle festival at the Canadian / U.S. Peace Gardens

dancing to the fiddle tunes

Thanks, Nana, for your visit! You took on dish and laundry duties unblinkingly, made sure I focused on my list of projects, and gave the kids (one high energy toddler in particular) the attention and love they needed. We love you!


Rachel Clear @ Clearly Speaking said...

Oh MAN, sis. These are some great shots, especially the bubble one of Zor and the one that Barb took. Those are priceless. I know you don't actually ever get around to hanging things on your walls, butif you ever did, you'd want to be sure and put that bubble photo up. :)

Rena said...

Fun times and great pictures! I LOVE the one of Z and her skinny little legs, running and jumping and so carefree and happy. I'm so glad Barb could visit, and glad you got some more projects done.

Rena said...

And I can see we're going to have to come back. That little church, the U.S./Canadian border, the firepit, the famous turtle much fun stuff that we missed out on!

Shana said...

ditto on the bubble pic-the epitomy of pure "fun-ness" in childhood!!!!