Monday, February 13, 2012

visit to the new house

Last weekend while we were in town, we decided to drive out to the new house. Too bad we hadn't brought the new key, but it allowed us to walk around and see the property from lots of angles without that backbrain drive to get inside the house. Gorgeous day.

We've owned this place for a solid month now but haven't done much with it on account of J's schedule. That has changed now, and he'll have better times available to start work on the main level - several window replacements, back-filling insulation into the walls, replacing the floor, and painting the walls! He wants to do that before we move, then do the upstairs renovations as we live along. We've got a bunch of boxes packed up and ready for transport, so we're itchy itchy itchy.

See the low spots on that top photo, where water has accumulated and frozen? Jason is thinking of how to work with the natural contours of the land in a Sepp Holtzer kind of way, i.e.; pond-building. And yes, we are going to consider any elevation change of six inches or more a contour. Hmm. Better make that three inches.    

We love the trees!

What, if any, of the big main barn is useable?
It looks like it could slide off the foundation at any moment.
There's something decidedly unromantic about sending the children
out in their hard hats to gather eggs.

our precious Viking child

This is a "garage." Rrrrrrrright.
It will be made into a pile of aged barn wood
that we can maybe incorporate into the house
or make oodles of picture frames from.


Team Baliko said...

Wow, Lori - so fun to see your new digs! Very fun. I'd love to hear what you know about the place: who built it, past owners, past farming done on your land, etc.

'Good thing Jason is handy, eh, as it seems he has a lot of projects lined up! I'm looking forward to seeing before, during, and after pictures of the inside.

Oh, and nice to see little Ziah's cute head poking out of the baby carrier. He's a cute one! His little round, mostly-bald head (right?) reminds me of Joseph.

Kim Davey said...

I love this place! Wow, the possibilities... If I lived in the States I would dream of settling down, forever long, in an old farm house much like this one.

I love it!

lori said...

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Emmy said...

I'm so glad you share pics of the house! I'm so excited for you guys!

*Reading Between the Lines* said...

Nice to see your new "homestead" pictures. It is probably wise to get alot of remodeling done before moving in. How far is it from your current location?
Loved Z note to everyone....was that her "opinion" on the pictures? 8~)
Take care,

Christi said...

That is a sweet farm!! This is going to be good, really good. I want one of the frames you make :)

Rena said...

Moving into a new place, even a 100-year-old one, is full of possibilities and excitement. I'm so happy for you guys, and I'm looking forward to seeing it one of these days!

Elisha said...

New house for you song :)
Yay! How cool that you have a front porch...what character that place must have. I am so excited for you guys, especially that you have some trees on that property!

The Weems Family said...

It is beautiful. I'm excited to see interior pictures too. The front porch is crying out for a rocker or a hanging swing. How many acres?

I hope the standing water is not part of the septic drain field. Just a thought.

lori said...

To answer the questions posed:

- Yes, Ziah is mostly bald.
- The property is just under 15 acres.
- We do have a copy of the big, thick Abstract that tells the land's history from 1884 onward, starting when it was sectioned off as part of the township. Lots of interesting stuff, like it being bought from and sold back to the bank various times by the same owner or switching hands among family members...
- Right, we do not want a big Piddle Pond on the property! We don't think that the standing water is related to the drain field, just low spots where surface water is collecting.