Wednesday, May 9, 2012

good night, folks

There's a scene in the delicious mockumentary, "A Mighty Wind," where the Folksmen have ended their song but are cued to stand up there and kill time because a member of the next act is missing. Harry Shearer's character starts giving a history lesson in a very low, scholarly voice. But when the next act is suddenly ready to perform and the Folksmen are signaled to get off the stage, Shearer stops mid-sentence and says brightly, "Good night, folks!" It's a very funny moment.

And that's how I feel right now. I have a dozen blogs building up in my head, and if I don't get 'em out there, I just may burst. But alas, I instead must say brightly, "Good night, folks!" and promise to come again to the internet another day or week or month. I received a text from Verizon yesterday that we've used up 50% of our monthly data allowance in our first week of service. Turns out you can watch like 8 or 9 hours of Netflix on a 5GB plan. Weird, because I had a long conversation with the Verizon salesman about how watching Netflix might affect our data, and he reassured me that we would be fine, just fine.

So by now, because the first device they sent us was defective and the second didn't work with our laptop, and their suggested fixes for my laptop didn't work, and setting up J's phone as a mobile hotspot for my laptop didn't work, and blah-dippity-do, I am now past the 2 week trial period and will probably have to claw my way out of this contract. Because, yes, the 2 week trial period starts the day you receive the first device, even if it's defective. But I've generally been happy with our Verizon phone service (other than their prices), and their customer service is pretty good, so maybe they'll play nice.

See ya around the block. Thanks for tuning in this last couple days anyway!


Rena said...

Boo! Boo for North Dakota's remoteness, and for Verizon salesmen's deceptiveness, and for high internet prices, and for anything else that keeps you from having internet. The world needs your blogs! (Can you just write them as documents, save them on a memory card, and post them when you're in town and on someone else's computer or internet??) We'd still miss you being on facebook and emails, but at least you could express yourself before you burst ☺

jbug said...

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