Saturday, August 18, 2012

fly-over update

Hey there! I have not abandoned this blog in the long term sense of things, but because we have no home internet and I do now have a smart phone, it has been easiest to post photos and quick little status updates to facebook instead. I miss the blog world immensely though, the ability to say more and to connect more deeply with a specific community, and I want to jump back in soon-ish. But since we don't always get what we want, it's tough to say when that will be.

Meanwhile, the fly over news is that we have completed what we're viewing as Phase 1 of our farm house renovation project. Well, almost completed. We still have the final living room window and wall trim pieces to install, a bit of painting in the bathroom, the medicine cabinet and towel racks to hang, a few kitchen items like a spice rack and a pan ceiling pan rack to hang, etc. So, actually, when I put it that way, we are not done with Phase 1. But! We have completed the major safety improvements we had to do as a condition of our home loan. Repainted the delapitated garage (a really silly endeavor, as we hope to burn it down some time), repainted some other places on the outside of the house that most likely had lead-based paint on them, replaced an upstairs window that was being held up only by rotten wall, and so forth. Additionally, Jason, with my dad's trusty assistance, fixed a bunch of the surprise problems we encountered upon the deeper inspection that can only happen when the house is yours to tear into. He then renovated the entire living room area, combining two rooms into one, adding ceiling soffits, and hmmm, I think I already wrote about this a few months ago, so I won't go on too much.

When either of the kids would swing around this magic wand, I couldn't help but wish it would work to suddenly make the house be done.  

Speaking of the kids, since this project is being done with two small children in tow, between the already long hours of Jason's real job, we have both felt the effects. In fact, some time mid-way, we were standing outside one morning, and Jason noticed with what I can only describe as gingerly-expressed shock that I had a whole new head of gray hairs. And he was right.

In late May, Jason injured his knee and back on the job, so that brought house renovation to a screeching halt. His mom visited us in June, which was fantastic, and then we all headed to Montana for a family reunion in early July. We only intended to be there for about 12 days, but Jason's back pain turned into sciatica. Since it was taking him 10 minutes to make his way from one room to another at my folks' house, we decided he was pretty well unable to sit in a car for a 14 hour trip back to ND. Plus, we had access to more doctors in MT as well as family support for the kids, etc. so that our 12 day stay turned into a solid month! This was an unexpected joy amidst not so great of circumstances.

Of course, the kids have changed SO MUCH in the last several months, as kids tend to do, that I can't even begin to do a just summation of them. Plus, Ziah will not leave the motel phone alone and Zoralee is screeching around half dressed, so I've got a couple things to attend to.

Oh, real quick - - back in March, just as we were moving in to the house, we had gotten a batch of Barred Plymouth Rock chickens for layers and a batch of Cornish Rock cross chickens for meat. We went with the same breeds we had a few years ago in Montana, but this time were armed with more wisdom and experience! We had some friends interested in farm fresh eggs, so we ordered up another batch of the layers sometime in April or May. Anyway, our most mature hens are just starting to lay eggs, so we're thrilled about that, and before long, we should have about 25 laying hens. Unfortunately, we've ended up with 6 roosters, so some of those may end up on other farms or in our freezer, depending. Pics are over at facebook, but sometime I hope to update this blog, since it's a family journal for us.

By now we've been back in ND for a few weeks, reconnecting with friends and our community here, with a fresh perspective on the old house. At this exact moment that I'm writing, we're finishing up a long weekend away to Bismarck and Medora. I have internet access at the motel, so hello blog...and goodbye again!


melissa v. said...

Miss you!! Glad you update, good to get the fly-by. Sorry about Jason! Sorry about the grey hair =p xxoo

Hope I can meet you someday. Are you going to Oregon in 2 weeks, perhaps? Because i will be there....

Rena said...

I can't believe this post has been up for 9 hours and I just now found it! I check daily, so after 3 months had almost lost hope :) I understand the challenge though, so no pressure intended. Just wanted you to know it's missed when you can't post. You're doing well to not get grey hairs till in your 30s. I got my patch of gray in front when I was pregnant with you at 20! Miss you all so much ♥♥

lori said...

Thanks, Mom! You are certainly the person I feel the most badly for when I don't blog. I know it's a connection format you really dig, like me, and the connectees are, of course, your kids and grandkids. But yeah, in case you hadn't noticed, I already had a head of sporadic grays. Now it's turning into not so sporadic of grays, and might well soon be sporadic browns.

Mel - no way! Are you meeting up with Rach? I bet so and am jealous and a half. I don't think I could swing more travels at this point, but dang!!!

melissa v. said...

Yeah, I'm meeting up with Rachel, don't know which day yet but planning to do coffee at least! Woot!

melissa v. said...

Next time we'll make sure you're there =)

Tamie Fields said...

I miss you a bunch too, and I'm so glad you checked in.

I, too, check your blog all the time. And I miss the days when the group of us were blogging regularly, and commenting on each other's blogs regularly. It really felt like such community then. And that seems like a long time ago now, doesn't it? Remember the long conversations about spanking? That seems like eons ago. It feels like we've all gone through an awful lot since then.

Sorry about Jason, the craziness of your house, and the grey hairs. I have a lot of grey hairs too.

Sometimes I think about moving to ND just to be close to you guys.

And Mel: I wish I could meet you and Rach too.

Man, this whole thing is just making me all melancholy, wishing to high heaven that we could all be together, neighbors, soaking up each other's love, cooking each other meals, telling each other our problems, all that.

Love you, Lori.

lori said...

Thanks a gajillion for the chime in, Tamie! I meant to respond earlier. I have thought about your words many times of late. Yes, I loved those long conversations and often hear the *voice* of you and other friends as I walk my days. Somehow you enrich my life just by being, though I've felt so out of the loop with the specifics of your life. I really need to figure out a consistent form of connection in the online world. Maybe Twitter? Small, bite-sized updates from a small group of people whose lives I need and want to know about? Cuz facebook, I dunno, it's a lot of nothin' about like hundreds of people, most of whom I knew in the past but have no significant connection to now. And then I skip a day or a week and miss out on actual, significant news I do care about. Finnegaling is exhausting. :)

Tamie said...

I really wish you could post more often.