Wednesday, August 8, 2007

brown sweatshirt

So there are roughly 5 billion things I've been wanting to blog about, but somehow I've had blogger's block whenever I sit down at the computer. Maybe I'm still feeling self-conscious about it, or I want to attach pictures and they're still on the camera, or maybe I don't know which things are blog-worthy (??). It's tough being a new blogger, let me tell you. But I decided that I feel so nice about this day that I had better tell it, despite.

It has been sunny, hot, and dry all summer here in the Flathead Valley, and recently it has been all of that plus smokey. The last rain storm was several weeks ago. We want rain. The forests need rain. The survival of neighborhoods depends on rain. Well, no rain yet, but it's cloudy today. Cloudy as opposed to smokey. Delicious, thick clouds in varying shades of white and light blue. Which make it cooler. And which make it necessary for me to get out and wear for the first brown sweatshirt from the Salty Dawn Saloon in Homer that I have been longing for. Neil brought it back from his recent trip to Alaska, just the size and color I asked for.

And those things, my friends, make for a nice day.

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tamie said...

what a lovely blog post. yes! this is exactly the kind of thing you blog about!!