Sunday, December 30, 2007

Ocean City / Steve & Darla

We went to Ocean City, Maryland last weekend and walked along the Atlantic coast. Here are some of our mini treasures. Aren't they cute all together? Even though in their days of living they might've fought each other.

We also walked along the boardwalk. Here's Jason, spending $5 at a game center to very bravely win us 37 tickets. With those 37 tickets, we were able to purchase 45 cents worth of goodies, including a harmonica, two erasers, and a green string. People might not be surprised by this - I have to say I actually was - but the harmonica did not work. It had a bunch of holes like usual but only played three tones. The picture is before I discovered this sad fact.

On our way back to Frederick, we got to have coffee with Steve and Darla, here for the holiday from Portland! He grew up in this area, as did Jason, and Darla and I are from towns a couple hours apart in Montana. Despite all that, we actually knew Steve from Alaska and hadn't yet met his wife of now over a year. It was December 23rd, and we planned to meet them in a gigantic parking lot in front of a sporting goods' store, rife with shopping humans. We both had car GPS's of our parents to find the place, as well as cell phones. With all that technology, we still missed seeing each other parked two cars apart. I mean, we were both at the far outer edge of the lot, two cars apart out of like 4 billion. Anyway, what a fantastic couple of hours we had together in front of a fake fireplace at a strip mall coffee shop, catching up on each others' lives and dreams, and discussing living with less technology, ignoring the urge to buy things out east here, the state of America's education system, and nature deficit disorder. It was nothing short of therapeutic for me.

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