Friday, January 4, 2008

I just watched this video at the blog of an old college mate, Autumn. I think we can all agree it deserves re-posting, though we may each have our own reasons why. I'll let you watch it without reference to my opinions, which you can then read in the "comment" tab.


lori lls said...

Ya, this is the best youtube video I've seen in awhile. Favorite parts:

- one guy is still as a board while the other is delightfully, rhythmically bouncy (normally referred to as dancing, but this seems different than dancing somehow)

- the bouncy one climbs up stairs to join the still man for each chorus, but at the end of the clip you can see there are no stairs

- the guy blowing the weird instrument crosses his eyes with each blow

Anonymous said...

Thank you Lori for that delightful video, i feel more angry towards Russians after this than i did when i first saw Charlie Wilson's War...