Tuesday, May 20, 2008

the most important sound heard in the last century

Jason and I had a meet n' greet session with a midwife today, and at the end of it, she put onto my belly a microphone which connected by cord to a scratchy portable speaker, something that looked like it may have been rigged together with scraps of metal. It was rad. First we heard my heart beat: thud....thud....thud....thud. That was nothing. She moved the mic around a bit and we heard - - more scratching. That was nothing too. BUT THEN, into focus came a flutter, a tiny whisper of whiikwhiikwhiikwhiikwhiik. And THAT was the sound of our baby's heart! The midwife said, "We can hear you! We know you're in there!" I thought of Horton Hears A Who.

So, this is the first technological proof that there is indeed a tiny somebody inside of me with a heart or heart-like assemblage. I'm telling you what. That quick, simple rhythm has been echoing in my head all day. It was just beautiful.


autumn said...

yippie!yippie! i love that sound!! i am so amazingly excited for you guys! Love, Autumn

Christi said...

SO beautiful. I think that sound was just as amazing the third time around as it was the first.

Scott,Amanda,nGauge said...

My how wonderfull! Congratulations!! Good to hear that such a wonderful sound is filling the recently vacated void. Hold onto it dearly, as I'm certain you know that you must.

It's one sound you'll never forget.

Matthew Kellen said...

My condolences on Bethy Boo my friends. Her brave spirit on our hikes was inspiring. Congrats on the baby and your new adventures in Montana. Much love to our Anchorage home. Save a place in the commune for me. Hey, I know we have tried to meet up in the last couple years, with much unsuccess, but I will be in Washington (about 6 hours from Glacier.) While we cannot hike the PCT, it would be nice to see the three of y'all.

Matt Kellen

Garth Hamilton said...

Hey Lori! Good to hear from you. It seems like you were a year or two behind me at WPC, but I remember you. Congrats on the upcoming bundle of joy!