Saturday, November 29, 2008

a few fotografias

First off, nope. Nada. Zilcho change. No indication the baby's on its way.

Pregnancy-induced insomnia has me up tonight, so like a moth to two flames I come first to food and then to the computer to blog and be blogged. Here are some pictures from Thanksgiving day and today. Actually, the first one of Jason and my folks is from Tuesday - not that it matters. They're watching a buck chase a doe.

This was fun to see:
exact same location, 24 hours apart, different herd of critters

Here's Dad passing down a surprising wrestling move to Cousin Eugene at the Thanksgiving gathering. The move is called "While-the-other-guy-is-wondering-what-in-Zeus's-name-you're- doing-boom!-you've-got-him-pinned." Dad has wrestled since high school and coached my brothers from when they were small, so it was common as I grew for the living room furniture to be pushed aside and a wrestling match to commence. It was refreshing to see it again after time away from home, you know? One of those visuals you don't even realize you've missed. Not this butts-up visual specifically, but the general scene.

looking at google-earth to see where everybody hunted

Gunther and Molly at the top of the stairs
wondering if we're going for a walk or what


Christi said...

I love these pictures, but I was hoping for one more belly shot before the big day on Monday :)

Rick said...

look at those skulls, I'd fit right in!

Anonymous said...

Ha! What I love most about the wrestling picture is not only the wrestling butts in the air, but also the dish of baby corn and olives in the foreground... a lifelong staple at ANY family gathering at mom's house. Love it.