Thursday, November 27, 2008

I'm thankful for

family and friends, of course! and life and liberty, and shelter and food, and health. But here are some specifics on my mind this season:
  • my parents, who have opened their home to us and have loved us unceasingly, freely giving emotional support, time, counsel, and apple fritters, and Mom, who has cooked more than usual for us since I've been on bed rest
  • Jason, my compassionate, sincere lover and life partner, a good man who will be a very good Papa
  • getting to be near Mom and Grandma Louise, hearing their birth stories, and experiencing the excitement from their vantage points
  • not working at a job for money right now
  • frosty mornings and fog on the meadow
  • the abundance of life I see each day: dogs, horses, deer, wild turkeys, birds, bugs, and spiders
  • the howls and yips of coyote packs at night
  • my Grandma Maxine's peaceful passing, and the beautiful time with family that followed
  • nearby friends and family who tell us they pray for the baby and the delivery, and who lend us books and baby paraphenalia
  • far off friends and family who call or write with news of their own and want an update from us
  • wiggles and rollings of the life within
  • expecting a baby at the same time as several close friends
  • warmth from a wood stove
  • the rich guy who is happening across this blog (maybe months later) and decides to send us a bunch of money. Thanks, guy.
  • candles
  • washrags - what a handy idea
  • the rekindling of old friendships and creation of new ones
  • the moon and darkness
  • the sun and light

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.

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Mom said...

I'm thankful for you and Jason too. And thankful you're here in Montana, in our home, where we can see you and talk to you every day! And thankful for that wonderful baby (wishing it would arrive soon) and for Rachel, Cam, Luke, Heather, David, Mom & Dad, Melody & Dennis & boys, Rick & Bev, and all our other extended family. We're blessed!