Monday, December 29, 2008

three strikes

In two days' time last week, we got three self-induced parenting strikes. Fortunately, no one has showed up on our doorstep to declare us out of the game.

Strike One:
Jason, Barb, and Zoralee dropped me off at the salon to get a trim, and then they headed to the coffee shop. Once there, Jason hopped out of the pickup and started walking inside, only to turn around and see his mother still standing by the pickup looking confused. "What's the matter, Ma?" he asked. "Well, aren't we taking the baby inside?" she said. Oh yeah. The baby.

Strike Two:
Last Sunday was such a busy day with church, Heather's birthday lunch, and going to see the completed music studio that Luke has been working on for months (which I'm so proud of him for - he used lots of salvaged materials and free labor from friends in exchange for studio time)...

...that I somehow forgot to change Zoralee's diaper for like EIGHT HOURS. I had a good cry over that one.

Strike Three (the least traumatic):
That same Sunday morning, I had rifled through all her clothes trying to find some type of pants or leggings to go with her purple dress. I don't take matching too seriously, but this dress was given to her by one of our fellow church-goers, so I didn't just want to throw on green striped pants. I couldn't find anything, so eventually we took her with bare legs and an extra blanket. That evening when I finally did change her diaper, I discovered the third strike:

I had laundered the purple dress, put it on Zoralee, and given her a previous diaper changing that day without seeing the panties attached to the inside. What's worse, the dress buttons up the back, so when I initally dressed her, the thing must've been splayed fully open.



Howegoesit said...

Oh don't worry about it, we have all done the same crazy things. I took Jilli to my midwife appt. with me when she was a week old. It was January and freezing cold. She proceeded to poop all over everything. I realized that I had not brought a change of clothes for her, nor did I bring the diaper bag. My midwife dug around and found a diaper. I wrapped Jill in a pathetic little blanket, and called Ron begging him to run to the store and pick up a sleeper or something because we were on the way to meet my parents for dinner. By the time Ron showed up with the clothes it just didn't matter anymore. We just passed her around in the blanket and got a lot of "looks" from people at the restaurant! But hey, she survived :)


by the way you've got a gorgeous little one!

lori lls said...

Thanks, Karen! I figure there are many more strikes along the way. As long as we get a good base hit every now and again, I'll be happy.

By the way, I've been enjoying your blog, but it won't let me leave comments. (?)

Christi said...

Oh, the funny stories are just beginning for Zoralee. I love that you wrote these down...they will be way more hilarious in a few years.

Anonymous said...

And so the adventure begins! I almost forgot Chloe at home once...definitely forgot to change a diaper...forgot clothes and probably so many other ridiculous things that I am glad I don't remember! It is the welcome banner to parenthood and you are going to do an amazing job. These are just little speed bumps...and I sympathize wholeheartedly :)

Howegoesit said...

Hey Lori,
Think I fixed the comment thing on my sight. Thanks for letting me know.

Anonymous said...

i saw this funny quote in a new zealand coffee shop. it made me laugh and think of jason. "drink stupid things faster and with more energy." -autumn