Monday, December 29, 2008


I've found it! There is a bit of us in Zoralee. Our lion genes are coming through.

The image of a lioness was important to me during my last trimester, when I was envisioning giving birth. She represents unwavering strength, stability, grace, and efficiency. From what I read, a lot of laboring women are helped by imagining or looking at pictures or artwork of certain animals.

When Zoralee was a week old and we were first adjusting to sleep deprivation, I had a dream that Jason and I were riding along in a Jeep over rough back roads, hunting. Then I had an overhead view of the scene and saw a dead lion and lioness in the back of the Jeep. I knew that they were us too. When I awoke (probably within an hour of konking out), I thought about how fitting it was that we were both the hunters and the hunted; we'd put ourselves in this situation, essentially killing ourselves. Ha! Reminds me of a Jerry Seinfeld sketch about his newborn baby. The idea was that babies look innocent, but they're actually a reminder of your own frailty and mortality. "Make no mistake about it - they're here to replace us!"

And now, in her fourth week of life, Zoralee has turned into a regular baby lion! She cries a little less now when she wants something and growls instead. No foolin. In the night, when she's sleeping fitfully, she growls and grunts until she wakes herself enough to cry. We've been thinking it is the influence of Molly the Schnauzer, who growls as her primary communication, no matter her emotion. Could be, but I think there's a little lion in Zoralee too.


Anonymous said...

hi lori and jason and baby zoralee!!!
we are thinking about you guys all the time and checking the blog for new photos of zoralee. Anyways, we just stopped in a cafe to get out of the rain, hitching is kinda slow going right now. I just wanted to share some highlights from our trip. we just finnished the heaphy track, 80km in 3 days. then to reward ourselves we stayed in a little handbuilt cottage inspired by the Nearings The Good Life. and lastly we have been drinking some of the strongest coffee of our lives:) miss you, love you. autumn and nic.

Elaine said...

I just read your last couple posts and really enjoyed them. You aren't the only parents to do the "three strikes!" I couldn't help but smile remembering our's!(Except for the dress and underpants one...I can't relate. :))