Friday, February 27, 2009

What have you googled?

I'd really like for this blog to be more interactive, you know, like a conversation, but I'm not very good at making that happen. This is a step in that direction. I think it'd be fun to hear what words or phrases some of you have googled lately and if you so choose to state it, what actions you took after you googled that word or phrase.

I have googled these:

  • "white wine roast" - and then I baked a roast in white wine
  • "homemade shampoo" - and that led me to a conditioner recipe using egg and olive oil. Haven't tried it yet but it sounds simple enough.
  • "Ergo carrier coupon code" - because I'm poor but want an Ergo carrier. I found a free shipping code, and randomly got money from a couple of great-aunts this week. My Ergo carrier is on its way!

Something we want to google but haven't yet is "correlation between eye color and eyesight." Zor has Jason's eye color, and we hope that correlates to his good vision and not my fuzzy.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lor,
This may be my first appearance on your blog. I love you and here are some good google searches as of late:

1. adjusting the first rib at home-
which ended up not being fruitful and so my first rib is still out and I am in minor pain. Somebody get out the violin.

2. how early can you sex a cornish-rock cross? - Now, you'd think this one would elicit some interesting stuff but no, only the information I was looking for. Boring.

3. elicit - as opposed to illicit so that know one would think the previous query would elicit something illicit. Ha!!

4. will chicks die if they eat aspen shavings? - Of course this is what most blokes are asking their buddies at the bar, scheming to off their girlfriends covertly. I just wanted to know if my literal chicks would die if they ate aspen shavings.

5. is that a definite article - don't know why but this one just cracked me up earlier. Man, talk about double entendre! Use this one as a little brain teaser like the ads that say "Guess how many triangles? 98% of people get this question wrong" and then you try to guess and it takes you to some site where you don't have a chance of actually finding that specific puzzle to get the answer. Sheesh.

Jason, husband of the owner of the blog.

melissa said...

I've googled:
icbc dial a claim

cesarean section complication rates canada

vaginal birth complication rates canada

world health organization (I love their website for up to date info on birth stuff, stats, vaccinations, breastfeeding info, and other health related stuff)

Glad you are getting an ergo--i'm so happy with mine! super glad you got a coupon!!

Adam & Shana said...

I love how that since you had Zor most of your blogs take place in middle of the night!!! =0)

lori lls said...

Thanks for your googlings, Jason and Melissa. Yes, the Ergo should arrive tomorrow, along with an infant potty chair. I am so excited! Melissa, per your other comment about EC: it has only been this last week that we are acheiving any sort of consistency. It is cool though. I think I will blog a little about it yet this evening.

Thanks, Shana - that is funny. Good noticing.