Friday, February 27, 2009

a whole bunch of Zoralee

I do adore my Zoralee Rena girl, who is now approaching 3 months of age! Here she is in all sorts of recent settings.

with Grandpa Larry, in her new hat from J, J, J, J, J, and J
(the neighbors, whose names all begin with J)
wearing her new sleeper that now bears a Z
in place of the annoying name brand with which it came

demonstrating new fist-sucking skills
demonstrating new pouting skills

Zoralee still does great by herself in quiet observation if she has something to look at. Then when a human face enters her realm of watchfulness, she breaks into smiles and chattering. That is THE BEST. She continues to amaze us with her recitations of the periodic table and various founding documents of the United States. At least, that's what it sounds like to us. What a gal. She is experimenting with coughing sounds and other vocal exercises. Recently, she was not happy about me putting her down for a nap. Cry, cry, cry she did, and then suddenly came out with a deep grunt/hollar thing. We were both surprised. She stopped crying, and we looked at other with big smiles.

Learning Z's potty cues has been an important activity of my week (for those in the dark who wish to be in the light about this subject, visit my previous post about EC). Unhandily enough, her main cue seems to be fussing. That's also her cue for hunger, discomfort, boredom, and fatigue, albeit with slightly altered deliveries. Weeeee.

pottying at the sink
(This brings to mind my Pops saying, "Boredom is a terrible thing")

And finally, middle fingers. I've got one that doesn't quit. Since I am not prone to flipping people off, it pretty much goes to waste except for at family gatherings when we run out of other Stupid Human Tricks. Well, we knew Zoralee had long fingers too, but it wasn't until I'd downloaded this picture that I noticed she might have the same superpower as old Mom.


melissa said...

cutest button.
You are having more luck with EC than I: Riley has a hate-on for the potty and I have too many dishes in my kitchen sink and too many random objects in my bathroom sinks to use them...

Elisha said...

Lori I love, love, love the picture of you and Zoralee. I want to frame it. You guys look so wonderful ;)
Miss'n y'all from way up here.

Rachel Clear said...

I love these! Man, I cannot get enough of looking at these, sister.

tamie said...

every time i see your pictures i despair, because they are so freaking good. you have an amazing eye for photography. please become famous.

also, your kid is so cool-looking. she rocks. i like her already. perhaps i will have to come visit montana.

lori lls said...

Thanks to my friends and sister for your kind words. Zor IS the cutest button - oh my gosh.

Tamie, why do you despair so? You can come to Montana any old time! At some point (probably this year), we will be coming to Indiana to visit J's grandparents. Woop!