Sunday, March 1, 2009


But for a couple of times, I have only given mild head nods to Lent. I read on Tamie's blog that she has given up "being right" for Lent - the need to come away from a conversation or encounter having proven her rightness, whatever the topic. If you want to read that particular post, go to her blog and scroll down to the entry for February 26th. Also, check out people's comments. (I hate to post the link to just that post, because you'll want to read her other posts too!)

I think I'm going to give up "self-imposed guilt that is incongruous with health." I know that's a mouthful; there must be a word that sums it up better. Maybe some guilt is healthy motivation. Not sure about that one. But a lot of it is simply paralyzing, causes anxiety, and does nothing to move you forward. I would say I'm giving up others'-imposed guilt too, but really, that kind of guilt has to go through the filter of my acceptance, making it self-imposed too. Right?

What things are any of you letting go of/have you let go of for Lent or for any short period of time, just to see how you like it?


Rachel Clear said...

@$^$^&^#! I normally give something up each year, and this year with traveling and being so busy, I totally forgot. But how fitting that YOU will be giving something up this year for it. I say, one Lautaret girl giving something up for Lent is better than none at all. :)

Rena said...

Maybe you could give up swearing for Lent.

lori lls said...

Well, I guess you gave up having quiet evenings at home for Lent, Rach.